Real Hunger or Emotional Eating?

July 10, 2017 8:20 am

In these weeks many of us are in exams, final deliveries and pending on all sides. And, there is something happening in us at times like these, our levels of anxiety increase and hunger calls at any times, so we start to bite a little around here, and a little there.

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Have you been through this? Are you very hungry despite having already eaten? Many of us immediately say “it is because of anxiety”. In many cases it is true, anxiety does not allow us to remain still, and it seems that the only thing that calms us is to eat something, so to be “occupied” in something … but how true is that?

One of the first things you should learn, is to know and differentiate the real hunger from the emotional hunger (or emotional eating).

First time you hear about “emotional eating”? when we talk about emotional hunger it is the hunger that is linked to our emotions. A heavy day at university, at work, a fight with our partner or our family, or other situations, in which we feel stress, anxiety and sadness, are some of the main triggers of this emotional hunger, where, to “Calming ” these emotions, we resort to food … But, we probably do not resort to a glass of water or an apple, but to the immediate (following the fast pace of anxiety) and eat something unhealthy and full of sugars, which ironically, increases our level of anxiety.

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If you want to start becoming more aware of your emotions your food, think how many times you eat because of your emotions and how many times you do it for real hunger? Answer this question and you will begin to make changes in yourself.

Remember, you can not take care of our body without taking care of our mind, so take into account these 3 tips to better balance your health in these weeks:

  1. If you feel that you are getting very anxious and want to eat, just ask yourself, are you really hungry? (If it is a yes, any food would calm that hunger) or is it a craving? (For example, you want to eat specifically a chocolate bar, or chips … that would not be a real hunger, but more emotional).
  2. If what you feel most is anxiety, eat something healthy (in other posts you can see healthy snack options!)
  3. Do an activity that relaxes you, there is always time for a stretch, do breathing exercises, walk, dance, paint, whatever works for you, remember that we all work differently.

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Knowing you more is a great first step in managing your emotions.

Until a next post!

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