7 Ways to Incorporate Fashion Into Your Home’s Decor

February 25, 2021 4:17 am

Fashion is what makes any bad day a bit brighter and colourful. You don’t need to be an anxious shopaholic to browse your favourite fashion stores or to treat yourself to something nice. Fashion is not about amassing a lot of clothes in the wardrobe. It’s also not about designer labels and high couture pieces.

It’s actually self-expression, creativity and love for all things unique and original. Finding beauty in things that may not be so beautiful is also part of fashion. And also, incorporating some of that into your home decor is what any fashion lover should do. So for that reason, here are some tips to pull it off. 

Experiment, decorate, enjoy 

If you love colours, then your job is half-way done. Well, maybe not really, but you know, what they say, there’s a whole science behind the meaning of colours and how they affect your mood. Therefore, feel free to experiment with bright and contrasting tones, no matter how different they may be at first glance. Don’t be afraid to match green, yellow, and pink if that’s what you like. Just make sure to keep things balanced, so your space will look truly elegant and fashionable. 

Fabrics play a huge role 

Textures are essential to your home, as they’re responsible for the way everything looks and feels. You should choose fabrics based on your desired outcome. Mat fabrics absorb the light, so if you prefer a darker and more mysterious look, then feel free to opt for them. On the other hand, shiny fabrics are great for reflecting light, so if your space is too small or has a lack of natural light, then choosing shinier materials will definitely make your home look better-lit. 

Embellish your floors 

Maybe your floors aren’t your top priority, but they can add a lot to your space. You can opt for classically-coloured laminate or parquet flooring, or choose Moroccan tiles, as they’re the perfect way to add more colours to your home. Still, keeping things simple is often the easiest, and in that case, you can choose designer rugs from Miss Amara as they’re very likely to boost the appeal of your space. You can also opt for rug layering, especially if you have certain patterns and shapes that go well together. 

Frame your scarves 

That’s right, you’ve read this correctly. If you have scarves that you don’t like wearing, then consider framing them instead. For example, a brightly-pink scarf with other colourful details might be a strange outfit accessory, but it surely is a great decor idea, especially if you’ve been meaning to decorate your space that way. Just make sure to iron the scarf properly, and if possible, take it to a professional picture framer so your new decor piece will look truly stunning. If you enjoy framing things, then you can also frame your favourite fashion magazine covers. 

Display your jewellery 

Fashionistas usually prefer to wear unique jewellery pieces. However, it would be a pity to keep all that jewellery stored in a box somewhere. Hence, displaying your jewellery is also a lovely way to add more decor pieces to your home. If you own some statement necklaces, you can hang them by the door, or create a special display station for them. Besides, that is also a practical way to store your jewellery, as you’ll always be able to see them. 

Keep things balanced

Sometimes, fashion can be simple, elegant and straightforward. Not everyone enjoys the maximalist decor, so if you’re someone who appreciates simplicity and minimalism, then feel free to keep things subtle, yet chic. Even the most passionate fashionista needs some conscious space to enjoy, so if you feel overwhelmed with your daily routine, then don’t be afraid to go simple. You can achieve this using simple colours as the base, and then add some bolder tones to complement the rest. 

Don’t ignore comfort 

If you love all things fashion and style, then it’s easy to get carried away when picking decor. That’s why it’s essential to remember that comfort and functionality should always come first. So if you’re torn between two sofas, one more comfortable and the other completely stylish, then make sure to choose the comfortable one. Always keep in mind that your home should be there to serve your needs, and everything else should come second.


Combining fashion and home decor is a perfect way to make your home unique and chic. However, make sure to keep things simple, and also, make sure to treat comfort and functionality as your top priority, because all the other things are easy to include after that. 

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