Paint and Decor Your Room According to Your Personality

September 26, 2017 8:19 am

Helloooo!!! Today I would like to talk you about a topic that I really like … colors!!!  Colors as well as people have personality and its through this that we can transmit an endless amount of sensations; joy, warmth, tranquility, among others. So the idea of this post is to help you define the color that goes with your personality and use it to decorate your bedrooms, kitchens or the favorite corner of your house so … lets begin!


Red is a strong, intense color; so it’s associated with personalities with much character. If you consider yourself an optimistic, active, passionate and impulsive person red is your color and im sure its one of your favorites.

If you feel identified pay close attention to these tips. Red, being such a strong color and with lots of personality should be used with great care, abusing this color could saturate the spaces that we want to decorate, thats why the idea is using it only in some elements, but not on the walls .


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Do you love color orange? well then you would be happy to know that orange is characteristic of people with sociable and cheerful character, but always maintaining the limits, without exceeding. Usually enjoy being surrounded by people, but maintain a certain seriousness and balance.

They are accessible, simple people and are also characterized by being active and athletes, like to be on the move and to take small challenges every day. They are not impulsive, and like to be involved in social projects.

While orange is a strong color is not as saturated as red, thats why we can take some risks and be a little more daring.

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Paint only a wall or a piece of it is a good way to give color to the room without saturating it


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Another good idea is to leave the walls white and use elements such as armchairs, cushions, bedspreads, etc to color the space.

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Yellow is a color that characterizes creative people, however in spite of this creativity are also very logical. Another important aspect of people who identify with the yellow color is that they are very critical of themselves, getting to the point of exaggerating on many occasions. Finally, if yellow is your color, you are very likely to know how to control your emotions very well.

Yellow is known to be a warm color, however to achieve that warmth is important to find a good tone, because if we use a shinny yellow instead we can end with a room that leaves us blind, and thats not the idea;)


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In this photo we can see how the color used on the walls is a pastel tone, cause is covering a large surface and we dont want to saturate the space; however the yellow used on the curtain had a stronger tone because ir a smaller object.

In case they feel very bold and want strong yellow tones, use it only in very specific and small elements, such as frames or cushions

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One way to use yellow that looks great is by combining it with neutral colors like white and gray.


Do you consider yourself calm and relaxed? if this is true you will feel identified with the green color. They usually are people who like to help others, looking to do things to make people they care about happy, a quality that I found very beautiful.

They look for the closeness of the people and they crave to feel safe, in general they are quite positive. Another feature to keep in mind is that they like others to recognize their efforts and actions. Relaxed people who value to contribute others and that others contribute to them.

This color can also be tricky if we want to paint the walls, the ideal is to look for dark, opaque or pastel green; We do not want it to look like we’re getting up somewhere in the Amazon (no matter how beautiful this place is it might be to much for our daily space)


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As in the case of yellow we can play with the shades of green according to the size of the elements, as seen in the image the smallest and punctual objects have stronger tones while the larger surfaces have lower tones

A good choice when painting a dark color is to paint just a few walls of the room so we dont shrink the space :)
Ph. Nyde 
If blue is the color that you like the most I tell you that it is the representative of balance and inner peace. They are people who usually live according to their beliefs and ideas, do not care at all what others think of them. They are independent and secure, and above all, balanced. Very serene and optimistic. They dont change easily, they have a well-established integrity and beliefs that they will not give in to. Strong but relaxed personalities
Although blue is a cool color, environments painted or decorated with this color usually transmit a lot of calm in most of their tones, which is why in this case you can use stronger tones on large or small surfaces. Do not forget that like the case of green if we paint with a dark tone the space will reduced so we have to take that  into consideration at the time of painting to know how many walls or surfaces to cover;)


It is not necessary to paint the walls to decorate a certain color, using important elements such as bedspread, frames, ornaments, carpentry, etc. you can also “color” the spaces you want.


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It is not necessary to combine the blue only with white, using pastel colors like light pink we can obtain some original spaces.



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What is the color that represents you? Would you dare to use it to decorate the spaces that you like?? This is all for now … byeee

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