Tips for Home Renovation Projects as a Single Woman

September 28, 2022 7:48 am

Home renovation is anything but a simple project. That’s especially true if you’re a single woman without experience in such ventures. While many women know their way around furniture assembling and disassembling, wall painting and DIY projects like shelf making, others are not as DIY savvy, especially if you`re taking an inspo from some high-budget estates, like this John Travolta house. Regardless of the type you are, we have a few tips to help any single woman tackle her next home renovation project stress-free. 

Budget well

Living alone without a partner means having less money to rely on when unpredicted expenses appear. So, when you realise it’s time for a house renovation, planning your finances will be of the essence. While those marble tiles look luxurious, they will cost a fortune. Don’t go with your initial instinct but think every purchase through. Do you need new mouldings now? Could the bathtub removal wait until next year? If your kitchen plumbing is in good shape, consider postponing it until another renovation stage. Calculate all the expenses, so you don’t have to give up essentials when you realise you’ve overspent on that skylight. 

Assemble a toolkit

Every person should have a toolkit in their garage. Be it a man or a woman, when you move out of your parents’ house and start an adult life, you need to be prepared for emergency breakage that requires immediate attention. Over time, you should assemble a decent toolkit that should feature everything from a set of screwdrivers to hammers, drills, saws, wrenches, knives, nails, a level, pliers, measuring tape and a rubber mallet to name a few. If you have the knack for DIY home projects, feel free to invest in a circular saw and a jigsaw that will come in handy with major furniture building and similar projects. 

Call the pros

Even the savviest of home renovators can’t solve plumbing issues. Be it in the kitchen or bathroom, plumbing is tricky and should only be trusted by professionals. The last thing you need is your Northern Beaches home flooded because a pipe burst due to your lack of expertise. So, once you decide it’s time to make changes to your bathroom sink or shower, look for an expert. When it comes to an experienced plumber, Northern Beaches have a range of pros that will be more than happy to help you out without charging you a fortune for their service. 

Know your area of expertise

Have you ever painted walls? Do you know how to repaint furniture? If you’ve ever built a shelf or helped your parents add an extra coat of paint to the old family home, it’s safe to say you can do It again on your own. However, if you haven’t used a saw before, it’s best to have someone with you during your budget-friendly home renovation. Even better, call your dad, brother or any friend who knows their way around heavy tools to show you the ropes. You don’t want to worry about injuring yourself or ruining your furniture because you were too confident about your skills. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help because you will learn plenty in the process. 

Check DIY videos

When there’s no one to help, YouTube has all the answers. All it takes is a few keywords in the browser’s search field, and you’ll have DIY videos and tutorials in abundance in front of you. People worldwide made a fortune recording videos that show every little detail about the exterior and interior home renovation projects, so feel free to rely on them during your venture. Whether you need help putting together a new shed or you want to build a breakfast bar in your kitchen, the Internet is there to offer all the assistance. 

Final thoughts

Renovating a home will require expertise, time, and money. Lack of expertise will need an expert’s help, whereas lack of money might mean the delay of the project. To avoid any inconvenience and prevent yourself from overspending, do your research, ask for help, and rely on your skills to perform a successful home renovation on your own. 

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