The Position of Women in Esports

February 25, 2022 3:32 am

The gaming industry has evolved so much in recent years, that a person can now make a decent leaving just by playing video games. So much for us wasting time in front of our computers as kids, huh parents? All jokes aside, esports has become more than a hobby for millions of people worldwide. However, while both men and women enjoy the activity, women are facing all sorts of discrimination and are not nearly as appreciated in the industry as men are. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and if you’re eager to find out more about the woman’s position in the esports industry, keep on reading.

Popular on YouTube

Did you know that statistics show that YouTube’s top 10 female gamers have 21 million subscribers? That’s right, female gamers are growing in popularity by the day, and they’re still undermined when talked about in the gaming circles. Moreover, many women tend to use their gender-neutral nicks in chats, so that other gamers wouldn’t know the female is on the other side of the screen. Women have faced serious backlash from men worldwide, and they’d rather stay low-key about their gender even though women attract more subscribers every day.

Facing endless discrimination

Speaking of backlash, discrimination is awfully prevalent in esports circles. Even though women make up 45% of U.S. gamers, they are still often not valued enough as male gamers. Being surrounded by so many stereotypes, such as women not showing interest in video games as little girls, lead to the gaming industry not perceiving females as their target group. If you only look at the game content design, you’ll see what we mean. Heterosexual young men are the target audience of almost every single esports game out there.

Female gamers should get more public exposure in esports media

Even with the lack of recognition for women as gamers, there’s still plenty we can do to empower women worldwide. It’s essential for teams to include women into their group and become more inclusive. Women deserve to be a part of a group just as men do, and they can equally contribute to the desired goal. Employing women in leadership roles will allow them to represent decision making and genuine influence on esports globally. Look for experienced employer branding agencies and host events to promote the female leaders better and show everyone that your gaming event can be female-run just as well as if a man was in charge. More public exposure for women in esports worldwide can create monumental changes in the gaming world.

Victims of sexism 

Unfortunately, women are facing sexist remarks on every step. Virtually or IRL, a female esports athlete will eventually experience a sexist incident. More often than not, women’s performance in esports will be judged according to their gender, rather than their performance. The reason a woman failed in a game will very often be justified by the fact that she is not a man. Once again, we go back to the stereotypical views of men being more inclined to play esports and have the game in their DNA, which is in no way accurate. 

Final thoughts

Stereotypes are all around us, and the esports industry doesn’t fall short of those either. That’s especially true when it comes to a woman’s role in the industry. Aside from being considered less of a player, many women are often facing sexist remarks. As a result, they hide behind gender-neutral names to avoid discrimination. All it takes is research and raising awareness about the role that women have in the esports industry. Statistics speak for themselves, so all we need is to support women much more in their pursuit of becoming a big part of the esports industry and, hopefully, they can quickly become equal to men in that area too. 

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