New York Fashion Week Highlights

September 20, 2018 5:16 am

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On one hand, the entire tribe of fashionistas is sad due to the fact that this annual galore of beauty and innovation is over, but on the other, the latest released collections and ideas still reverberate with their strength and power. We’ve seen some incredible Scandi influences paraded proudly by many divas on the runway, but the street was no less intriguing with their impeccable ability to dazzle. Then again, this year didn’t fail to deliver its fair share of ingenuity, surprise, as well as some lifestyle suggestions, so that we can remain happy and in awe until the next New York fashion event.

Take a look at the trends in all the aforementioned areas that have become the hottest topics ever since the show has ended, and which you can use to inspire your next wardrobe, as well as a lifestyle change!

Powerful femininity reigned supreme


It’s a theme that deserves to stay in the center of our attention, especially now that a growing number of women, from fashion or otherwise, express their support for improving the standing of women in society. So, how does runway fashion decide to retain the delicate-like beauty of the models while still emphasizing the importance of women empowered? Through surprisingly simple, but motivating makeup solutions and hairstyles that evoke images of raw power paired with grace.

What may seem as a contrast suddenly becomes fused into a stunning concept of the modern woman – creative, strong, and free. A perfect example was Kevin Hughes’ Freedom Collection of delicate pastels both in clothing and in the choice of makeup. Let’s say that pink was never more powerful than during the last NY fashion show!

Food in fashion


Sometimes, you’ll follow in the footsteps of Elsa Hosk and treat yourself to salty licorice, and sometimes you’ll be Sigrid Agren and munch on fresh fruit! After Instagram was flooded with yum images of fashionistas, influencers, and models surrounded by the most delicious of treats, it became obvious that the predominant mood of this year’s show leaned towards something truly tasteful, yet outstanding. Calvin Klein expressed a quirky popcorn obsession, while Raf Simons’ runway was literally covered with zesty aromas and mouthwateringly succulent bites.

On one hand, it seems that designers, models, and influencers alike are joining forces to celebrate diversity – the likes of Chomat’s junk food eaters. However, there’s an even greater underlying message that self-care in every shape and form should come first, from choosing healthy snacks, to balancing between cravings and nutritious bites. Despite their best efforts to provide wonderful treats during the show, let’s say we remain hungry for more of their fashionable statements.

Streetwear stays strong


If it weren’t for the street, we’d be deprived of many an inspiration for our Friday night outfits, or even just another office suit, with a fancy twist. The stars of the street didn’t disappoint this time, either. Reglements de compte entre malfaiteurs. Strutting around in ripped, distressed, washed-out denim, massive coats, and timeless leather jackets, the urban gang of NY fashion week proved once more why we look outside the runway for ideas.

Even the most elegant attire such as checkered suits, striped dresses, and leather boots exuded pure power and domination. Using color-blocking (even in mismatched shoes), monochrome (such as pure white jumpsuits), and mixed patterns as well (polkas meet leopard print), you can mimic the NY spirit of rebellious sophistication. Rest assured, if another seemingly insane combination comes to mind, try it out, you won’t regret it. It might just be the next hit combo of the street!

Florals reinvented


The Bohemian style is always in fashion, to put it mildly, as we will never grow tired of symbols of nature (flowers and petals included) on our lovely garments. They are, after all, the perfect spring symbol, and as such, they deserve a spot on the runways as well as the streets no matter the year or the designer in question. However, this time, the beautiful, tender symbol has literally come to life in the latest NY show – in the form of a hair accessory. Perhaps it’s another part of the powerful femininity at work, and simultaneous love for all things boho!

Mansur Gavriel, as well as Rodarte, literally blossomed in the sheer beauty of the floral headpieces presented during the shows. While the former truly took the trend to new heights by infusing hair locks with fresh flowers, you can do your best simply by adding some flower-inspired accessories to your collection.

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