LIFWeek OI 17| Paola Gamero

May 2, 2017 8:31 am

Still catching up to the runway reviews, but we couldn’t help ourselves to start on Paola Gamero‘s show. It is very refreshing when designers surprise you and take the chance to try something completely different, she added knits, fur, velvet, embroidery and, of course, (her favorite) lace. “Organic Street” is a collection for an elegant, strong, confident and sexy woman.

With this runway show, we can see the growth in Paola as a designer, she has evolved presenting a cohesive concept from the styling to the transition of the looks, the detail of the accessories; gloves, booties, boots and chokers which she designed herself (and can find in her ready-to-wear brand Nude by Paola Gamero). The looks player with different textures while the silhouettes played with the fit (a fitted skirt or lace body with an oversized knit), accomplishing an effect of constant juxtaposition of demure & sexy; an “overlapping”, giving balance to the look. The color palette was very sober and elegant with black, green, beige and an accent of color of mustard, giving it life and singularity. Just divine! #JustDiedAndWentToHeaven.


Ph. Santiago García Arrué

Sure, every collection is a challenge, but she passed this one with flying colours. We can’t wait to see what she will show us next season and to wear a lot (seriously a LOT) of these pieces in upcoming looks (those oversize knits have my name written ALL over it) #WearAllTheClothes. What did you guys think?


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