How to Plan and Start a Wedding Beauty Regimen

July 30, 2019 7:35 am

Although your big day is probably like every single party you’ve ever been to (only with the people you actually love) you can’t help but worry if everything will go as planned. To skip the part when you turn into a real-life Bridezilla, you have to think in advance, and book everything there ever exist that will make you the most gorgeous bride ever. Yes, we’re talking about those little rituals and wedding beauty regimen, and yes you have the right to be unapologetically selfish for the best day of your life. Here’s how you get everything done and create an effective beauty strategy.

Mani and padi

Since you’re going to be in the spotlight for the rest of the night, you can’t half-ass anything that has to do with your wedding look. Remember, you are the celebrity of the night, and everything about your whole image has to be impeccable. You’ll be kissing with the guests, throwing the bouquet and have your first dance, and people will be staring at you, and checking your open-toe sandals. That’s why you need to have your nails done, and we’re not just talking about the choice of the nail polish. Your nails, heels and feet need to be nourished altogether at least the day before your wedding. That way, the chances you spoil your happy feet are small. Plus, you’re probably heading to your honeymoon soon after the wedding, so it’s nice to have everything done in advance.

Shiny hair, I bet you care

According to the wedding looks we get to see on Instagram or in bridal magazines, we can tell that wedding hair is getting simpler and more elegant. Simplicity speaks volumes, and you shouldn’t bother whether your hairstyle will get loose the moment you step on the venue. The only thing to care about is how healthy your locks are. It’s more important than your hairstyle, and we’re pretty sure you’ll look great. To grow healthy and shiny hair, consider taking some hair supplements that promote hair growth and have great flavour. You’ve probably heard of gummy hair vitamins which are popular among celebrities, and many other women swear by these products. So, if you want thicker hair and less split ends for the wedding, you’re on the right track with these yummy treats. If you’d like to take it one step further, you can consider visiting an Indian hair shop, where you can find natural hair extensions for your special day.

Smile is your best asset

There’s no makeup or a facial procedure that can outshine a pretty smile. Since you’ll have to smile a lot during the wedding, or even fake a smile while pretending your shoes aren’t murdering your feet, you must get your pearly whites on point and look good for the photos. To get that perfect Hollywood red carpet smile, you should consider teeth whitening as the easiest, yet very effective solution. Also, there’s another innovative procedure called All on 4 dental implants for the less fortunate brides with damaged teeth. This procedure enables you to have a functioning and stable teeth in a few days, so you won’t have to worry about the recovery period before the wedding.

Nourish your body

Your Cinderella wedding gown is nothing without soft and radiant skin, so make sure your body is properly nourished and healthy. You should be using body lotions daily, and do the body peeling whenever you have time to pamper yourself. Body peelings are one of the best skincare treatments and it helps you rejuvenate the skin and remove the dead skin layer. Using body scrubs in a spa or at home will exfoliate the skin and make your skin texture smooth and soft. As previously mentioned, you can do the body scrubs at home, with the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Just make sure not to do it very often because frequent scrubbing can damage the young skin layer once the dead skin is removed.

Know your best makeup look

To get exactly what you want, you have to paint your face a few times to see which wedding makeup look is the one. If you already have a vision and a photo of how your makeup should look like, then it will be easier for you and your makeup artists to get on the same page. But remember, wearing too much makeup for your wedding is horrible, and it would only draw the attention of your wedding dress. Your dress should be the queen of the party, and makeup is just there to emphasise your beautimous facial features and to cover up the flaws. Plus, less is more, and you want to look classy for your wedding album.

Face exfoliation

Identify the best skincare routine and stick to it; and take extra care weeks before the wedding. In the morning, wash your face with a foaming cleanser and remove makeup regularly before bed. After the face wash, apply the moisturizing cream evenly on your face, so you wake up with a smooth texture in the morning. Also, it would be great if you could visit a facialist a few times before the wedding, to make sure you’ve done anything that’s in your power to get impeccable skin. Moreover, many women use a mini-washing brush from Foreo, which helps them get rid of blemishes and clogged pores. If you want a refined and luminous look, this brush is your life saver. 

Hopefully, these little tips and tricks will give you the confidence you need to dance the night away and live happily ever after. 

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