How to do Date Night like a Beauty Pro

September 12, 2017 6:00 pm

Photo by Sabina Ciesielska on Unsplash

Going on dates is always exciting
– not just due to the whole “hey, he might be the one” thing, but because every new date is a chance to try something new, challenge your fashion sense and try a new face (or just masterfully pull off your already exercised one).

With your date just around the corner, we’ll assume you’d like a little external inspo; yes, we all love the rhythm of our routines, but it doesn’t hurt to change the tune from time to time. Read through the lines below and go through our awesome guide:

Face, Body, and Mind

Photo by Carlota Trillo on Unsplash

the hygiene of your skin is one of the most important aspects of every healthy beauty routine and life. No matter how good your makeup skills are, if the foundation for it (i.e. your skin) isn’t smooth and healthy enough to take it, your overall look will only look forced and cakey. To avoid looking cheap, trashy and unsorted (we hate these terms as much as you do, believe us), implement a solid skin routine to your face, the one that agrees with your skin type and condition, and exercise it regularly. The images on the reels periodically spin in a series of more than one connected matching symbols.

As for the body, a natural, organic body scrub will stimulate circulation and relieve your skin of dead surface cells. This will contribute to the skin feeling light, smooth and pleasant to touch. PlayAmo Casino Free Spins: JokaRoom Casino Free Spins: Spin Palace Casino Free Spins: Jackpot City Casino Free Spins: Spinland Casino Free Spins: Responsible Gambling.

Don’t eat any heavy foods before the date; instead, opt for a fresh salad, kale chips, your favorite veggie/fruit smoothie, a fruit salad, nutty goodies – anything that will keep you full but won’t overwhelm your body.

The most important part of every date prepping is your mindset; once you’ve detoxicated and treated your face and body to a healthy routine, mind your mind. A positive attitude, a smile and an open mind and heart for the person you are going on a date with is the best vibe you can accessorize yourself with.

Makeup, Pampering, and Outfits

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

If you know us (and we think you do by now), you know we are all about natural, Jennifer-Aniston inspired glam (if glam is even the right word). Date nights should be about looking fantastic but not forced; for that, we’ll always recommend a natural look that will help you look stunning without feeling you’ve been trying too hard.

It all starts with an organic crème to use for your foundation. Once the skin soaks the crème in, use a liquid powder and dab it in carefully, without leaving any slouchy marks on the face. Make sure it looks smooth and natural. If it’s too hot where you are, use a BB crème instead of the powder. We aren’t big fans of too much makeup, so we’d always advise skipping anything that has to do with contouring (in its base form) and that product after product after product routine. In turn, we also advise choosing vegan makeup products, to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Rely on your bronzer for contour – light strokes under the chin and cheekbones will shape your face and leave it looking tan and healthy at the same time. You can use the same bronzer on the lids, to give your eyes a dreamy look and your face a cohesive vibe. Brush out your eyebrows and lightly fill them in, then coat your lashes with your favorite mascara for a nice pop. Leave the lips lush and pouty by applying any of the earthy or pastel colors you like –  from nude, light brown and muted maroon to mauve, dirty pink or muted cherry – take your best pick. Let your hair down, and let it run free. Just a little styling on the locks will do the trick.

Photo by Blake Connally on Unsplash

Opt for a girly, knee-dress or simple ripped jeans and a semi-tucked in shirt. Flats are fine (and preferred) with either combo. You can go for a maxi dress as well for a more sensual, seductive feel. Use a belt around the waist for a Greek-goddess vibe. The more toned down you are, the more confident you look – remember that.

The girl next door can be a bombshell too, you know? Sure you do, you are one.

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