How to Decorate Your Home With Posters

November 28, 2022 6:08 am

Do you remember when you were a teen and the way your room looked? If you were like most kids, you channeled your obsession with a certain celebrity, athlete or subject by covering your room top-to-bottom with posters. Well, you don’t have to go down memory lane to enjoy posters anymore! Decorating your home with posters is back, stronger than ever. If you’re interested in decorating your space with these cheap and practical art pieces, here’s a guide that might come in handy: 

Frame it 

While posters can go on the wall without a frame, the frame gives them a more artwork-like look and feel. It creates a clean and sophisticated vibe you get to see in galleries or studios. The best thing is that you can get poster frames in all bigger retail stores, and they come in all sizes, shapes and materials. Setting up your poster inside the frame is very easy as well. Just remove the backing from the frame, place the poster inside and return the backing, making sure the picture is not crooked or wrinkled. In case your big box retailer doesn’t sell poster frames, you can build one on your own with wood trimmings. 

Take a modern route

While having just one poster on the wall is a classic look, there are more modern ways to display your prints. For instance, for that coveted minimalist look, take your framed poster and lean it against the wall. Set the bottom on a low shelf, desk or fireplace mantel and the poster will be at eye level at all times. This design option allows you to change the layout frequently and switch up your art whenever you feel inspired. 

Make a poster collage

Since posters are relatively cheap when compared to canvases or prints, you can get several at once and still have plenty of money in your pocket. For a fun poster collage, grab a few posters of a similar size, color palette or theme and group them together. For instance, you can opt for a travel theme and arrange six posters inspired by your favorite destinations. Or you can grab planet posters and create a small solar system in your bedroom or living room. With collages, it’s important to be coherent, so find something these posters have in common and go with the theme. This project looks best with A3 size posters because they can hold enough detail without taking up too much of your wall space. A3 posters are the size of a regular desktop monitor, just for reference. 

Don’t be scared to go big

If you love those huge canvases in galleries but are scared to invest that much money into art, why not grab an oversized poster? Even the biggest A0 posters have an affordable price tag! Choose a picture you like and blow it up to the size of a table—this will definitely make a big impression on any wall without being an overly-permanent design choice. Big posters look amazing in dining rooms and offer an impressive backdrop above your living room sofa. 

Match the surrounding décor

If you want your posters to stand out but not be an eyesore, make sure to surround them with matching décor. For instance, if you have a poster with different shades of yellow, red and orange hanging above your couch, try to find a matching throw pillow to create a more coherent look. Vice versa, if you have a lot of blue décor at your workstation, a poster with blue details will fit right in! 

Hang it properly 

Posters are very light and easy to hang on the wall. Due to their small weight, a single nail can keep your framed poster on the wall. However, you can easily use double-sided craft tape if you’re not allowed to make holes in the wall (which is often the case with rental apartments or dorms). All you need are four small rectangles of tape for a light metal or wood frame. Mounting putty works wonders as well on both bare posters and framed ones. When it comes to height, make sure to place the posters at eye level so everyone can see the artwork you have in your home, office or studio, and leave at least ½ inches between the posters so they don’t blend together. When removing mounted posters and frames, be careful because putty and tape can rip the paint off your wall.

Decorating with posters can be done very tastefully. With elegant frames, larger prints and smart thinking, you can impress with your choice of wall décor without a mistake! 

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