5 Different Types of Watches Trending in 2020

March 6, 2020 8:04 am

A sleek and elegant wristwatch should be a fundamental part of everyone’s personal style. But just like any other aspect of fashion, the trends for the most popular timepieces change year after year, leaving us with a new and more interesting selection of watches to choose from, in order to update and modernize our everyday look. Whether you are looking for a new statement timepiece or you simply want to add something unique to your collection, here are 5 different types of watches that are trending in 2020:

1. Retro and vintage watches

Whether it’s the newfound awareness of sustainability or the sudden comeback of old trends, vintage items are becoming increasingly popular in fashion, and the same is true for retro timepieces. The trendiest option right now seems to be rummaging through second hand shops or visiting inexpensive websites in order to find a genuine retro watch from the ‘70s or the ‘80s, to get that old craftsmanship and design, while paying a much more affordable price. However, many watch brands are hopping onto this vintage trend as well, and producing retro-inspired timepieces with a new and modern twist, making it even easier to add a chic old-timey watch to your 2020 collection.

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2. Dainty yet impactful styles

Continuing on the theme of retro-inspired timepieces, it seems like small dress watches are going to be a big hit in 2020. While it might not come as great news for those with bigger wrists, any fan of that effortless vintage elegance is bound to fall in love with this watch style. Mostly coming in square shapes, and combined with leather straps in darker hues, small watches are ideal for stacking with thin bracelets and pairing with more impactful jewelry pieces. Although they might not be enough to make a fashion statement on their own, small dress watches can be a great addition to your watch collection, especially if you are a lover of more moderate and minimalistic styles.

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3. Sleek metal watches

While certain fashion fads tend to come and go, some things are simply here to stay. Whether they’re silver, gold or colored, stainless steel watches are one of the biggest accessory trends for 2020. Classic, yet unbelievably modern and chic, a metal watch is the perfect accessory to pull any look together and take your whole outfit to the next level with its graceful and refined style. What’s more, their simplistic look makes them easy to pair with any jewelry piece, while their beautiful design makes them an appropriate accessory for any occasion. When it comes to choosing a stainless steel timepiece, you can never go wrong with elegant Swiss watches, as they offer incredible quality combined with a sleek and timeless design you’re bound to wear for years to come.

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4. All black timepieces

From the more affordable to the high-end, luxury watches, it seems like everyone is hopping onto the trend, and opting for sleek and alluring all black models. The crystal, the case, the leather and metal straps – everything is drenched in shades of black this season, and for a good reason. Undoubtedly unique and highly fashionable, an all black watch is the perfect way to make a bold statement. Simplistic in its aesthetic, yet daring in its design, these timepieces can bring a certain class and elegance to any look, and can be a good option for almost any occasion, whether you decide to pair it with a casual weekend outfit or a stylish two-piece suit. Apart from a stainless steel watch, an all black timepiece is definitely a must-have for 2020. On Tuesday and Wednesday there is a single race circus circus las vegas hotel and casino las vegas nv for one horse at the races.

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5. Minimalistic smart watches

While it’s not the best idea to have a smart watch as your only timepiece option, it’s a great watch to have in your collection, as its functionality is truly unmatched and it’s an incredibly popular accessory right now. Although people tend to wear them to most occasions and events, a smart watch is still most appropriate for more casual or smart casual styles, and its handy features can even be a great choice for sports and athletic activities. Coming in a wide array of colors and designs, paired with metal, leather or rubber straps, there’s a smartwatch on the market for anyone, if you are looking for a modern and trendy timepiece.

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Even though watches might not be necessary in today’s modern world, they are still an unavoidable part of fashion that never truly goes out of style. The only thing that changes are current trends and fads, and these chic timepieces will keep you stylish and up to date all year long.

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