Top Milan Fashion Week Trends

October 9, 2017 8:06 am

Photo by Brunel Johnson on Unsplash

When you think Italy, of course, you have to think fashion instantly! Well, ice-cream, scooters and architecture as well, but fashion is a precious segment of Italy’s legacy to the modern world, and the latest show in Milan was the proof of the country’s well-earned reputation of the leader in beautiful clothing design.

Names such as Donatella Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci proudly showed their new collections, and some of the predominant trends were urban, vintage-infused, and delicate. Let’s take a look at the top trends to look out for in the upcoming warm season!

Looney and groovy


Prints have always been a lively trend among many fashion directions, but their use in the latest Milan show gives the cartoon images a whole new level of classy rebelliousness. They are in perfect concord with street style, and these looney prints are a perfect way to express your inner playfulness and Peter Pan-like spirit all the while remaining hellishly sexy and sophisticated.

Moschino, Prada and Versace are just some of many prominent names behind what was received as one of the Milan’s best-loved collections. Italy surely knows how to give even the silliest of shapes and images a dose of high class and pizzazz.

Tantalizingly transparent…


…but in a tastefully Italian way, of course, with a range of delicious patterns to embellish the sheer look and a slew of hairdos that scream modern and sleek. In all fairness, New York and London were no less transparent, and one might conclude that this season is all about being upfront about your lingerie – so make sure to choose matching panties and tops with fun patterns!

Some of the best choices include Alberta Ferretti’s coal-black femme fatale outfits, simple yet stunning, perfectly designed to allow the right balance between comfort and chic for any occasion. You can easily see the upcoming spring evenings filled with the likes of Attico’s imaginative play on porcelain floral patterns and pastels as well, shimmering and shy at the same time.

Vividly feminine


Don’t be fooled by the seemingly predominant lack of color clashes, because Milan truly has something special in store for spring and summer, and that means elevating femininity a sexy notch or two. With the help of sharp and clear contrasts both in tones and in texture, brands are rushing to create street-friendly, and Milan-inspired pieces that have the potential to outlast the season.

Geometric and hypnotic in essence, dresses, luxe kaftans and curiously shaped footwear made by the likes of Fendi and other prominent names will be seen all over the world, and it all started in Italy. Vintage stripes, spots and florals updated with a modern twist for comfort and mixed with a dab of swank will overflow the streets as soon as we see the first signs of spring.

Texture front and center


Frills, ruffles, feathers, glitter and similar details were eye-catching and versatile in many a prominent collection in Milan. In contrast to flowy hairdos of pure blond and sharp bobs that strutted the runways, this was Italy using texture to bring out the right design. Sure, there were silky smooth combos as well, but the ripples and creases were all the rage. Devin is a thirty-something living in the great state of Ohio, mother of one, trying to survive the crazy world that is growing up.

Vests by Brunello Cucinelli and long rainbow dresses by Vivetta are just some of Milan’s most vivacious examples of using texture to beat tediousness. Talk about a perfect way to make a street statement with the right plumage!

Pink power


Despite what London achieved with pastels (well done there!), Milan continued the strong trend of millennial as well as other shades of pink. Skin-tone pink, and hues of bubblegum, fuchsia, creamy strawberry and rose all walked down the runways, loud, subdued, enchanting and gorgeous, among the Sara Battaglia’s suits, Versace’s ideal street outfits and all the way to polka-dots and delicate mauves of the street itself.

Even the palest of pinks are anything but neutral – they are soft and subtle, but no less powerful than their red and fiery counterparts often seen in footwear. And the white shoe trend surely goes wonderfully with this creamy pink tendency, so don’t be shy to give your wardrobe a pink makeover soon.



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