7 Tips to Feel Better About Ourselves

May 15, 2017 8:30 am

Have you ever criticized yourself very harshly? Have you told yourself things like, “you’re no good at this …” “Why do I have to be like this?” “I’m a fool or a fool” “I should be able to” Not me?…?

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Many times we go beyond criticism and we are our main and, most fearsome, judges. Sometimes we are very hard on ourselves, even more, when we “mistake”, when something did not come out as we expected, when we do not fit the expectations of our family, our friends, our partner … of ourselves.

And is that it is much easier to note and HIGHLIGHT “negative” things.

But let’s pause for a moment … and analyze the following: have you thought about the NUMBER of things you HAVE to accomplish? How many things do you HAVE to do?

Have you ever wondered what happens when we simply do things in a DIFFERENT way? that’s bad? GOOD? Many times we box and we believe that what we do is, only or good or bad, without place to another possibility. That we hit or miss. So, is that real? These criticisms all they manage is to fill us with frustration and discouragement, and never achieve what we want.

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How about we start accepting ourselves? Accept us with our characteristics, with ALL, with our successes and with the things that did not go as we wanted, but they have brought us where we are today.

To begin to accept ourselves is a way of approaching a healthier vision of ourselves. A more real and complete version. More human!

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Here we leave some tips to feel better with ourselves and, little by little, to accept us more and more everyday:

  • Do not be THAT critical on yourself
  • Do not seek the approval of others
  • Surround yourself with good friends
  • Make a list of your achievements (every one of them, even the smallest)
  • Write in a paper all your qualities
  • Set realistic goals, stop pursuing perfection
  • LOVE, ACCEPT and VALORATE YOURSELF a little more every day!

Remember to love yourself a lot today!

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Until the next post!

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