The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Athleisure

May 14, 2018 6:56 am

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The moment we first laid eyes on Gigi and Bella putting on their best sporty outfit off the runway was perhaps a defining one that tipped the scales in favor of athleisure. Known under many sporty names, this trend was once familiar only to gym rats and fitness fashionistas, but it has now transformed into a global fashion phenomenon that speaks volumes of our modern priorities.

We cherish our comfort, but at no cost to our style, as designers have come up with numerous divine styling solutions that remain in the fitness spirit, but without abandoning their fashionable charisma. You can enjoy the entire live dealer selection and play the game of your choice at any time. If you are finally ready to infuse your look with this soon to be a timeless trend, read on to discover your bulletproof methods to bring out your sporty self!

Start with the Street

Photo by Dan 7Kidz on Unsplash

The best place to test your new look is in broad daylight, when you’re heading for coffee with your besties, or to a solo brunch for some brainstorming. Unless you’re going to a classy hotel’s restaurant that requires a strict dress-code even at noon, you are free to put on your old hoodie and the shabbiest pair of sneakers in your shoe storage.

However, don’t mistake sporty with constantly messy – the athleisure trend is the exact opposite of the grunge street vibe we’ve long banished from fashion. A polished look is always preferred, so a single item that carries emotional value such as your college tee has the luxury of being faded and ripped, but your new tank top has to be in tip-top shape.

Boost your Workout

Could there be a more obvious and athleisure-friendly environment than your gym or your Zumba class? Modern pieces made of breathable and moisture-wicking materials, with a form-fitting design, blend function and fashion effortlessly into a single ensemble. Go for a fabulous pair of high-waist tights, a supportive sports bra, and a pair of sneakers suitable for the sport at hand, but don’t shy away from combining lively colors or interesting materials.

If you are more into team sports, this is the great fashion epoche to live in, since nowadays you can wear team uniforms along with your girl squad and make custom sports uniforms thanks to brands such as TWP Sports.

Sporty Wears for the Office


Before you abandon the notion and skip this segment completely, hear us out, it will be worth your while. This athleisure craze has gone so viral that even certain casually-oriented offices are embracing the trend, with a few adaptations of their own.

There are office-friendly sporty choices such as versatile jackets that match anything in your wardrobe, and pants designed with leggings in mind both in terms of material and comfort. Do not forget to research for a fitting women’s shoes online. Sometimes, those wonderful elegant heels can go a long way to elevate your work-leasure look.


Fitness-y Formal


After taking the gym-wear trend straight to the office, it’s no wonder that the elegant attire industry has also picked up the scent and packed their own ranks with fitness-inspired evening pieces. Before you get your hopes up, we are still waiting for cocktail-friendly leggings (leather leggings, fingers crossed), but at least you have high-performance dresses to look forward to!

By that, we mean deliciously trendy and stretchy dresses that use fabrics known to the gym lovers but not that widely used by eveningwear designers, at least not until now. Add to that the rising tendency of using sporty patterns such as stripes and elevating them to the level of utmost elegance. Add some flattering jewellery to the outfit and you have a comfortable pick for your fancy dinner without abandoning your sense of style.

The Golden Rules of Athleisure


Just like any other timeless trend, athleisure is an evolving approach that changes with every new celeb or designer stepping out into the streets with yet another ingenious idea on how to wear their crop tops and leather jackets. If you take a trip down memory lane, that is precisely what has happened to the famous power suit.

From Coco Chanel’s impervious minimalism, all the way to modern-day playfulness and bravado, the essence of the pantsuit, just like athleisure remains in its ability to evolve and adapt without compromising its core. By all means, stick to the above-mentioned guidelines in the given situations, but always keep your mind open for some upcoming changes – because if any fashion direction has them, it will be athleisure.

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