The Keys to a Japanese Street Style

October 11, 2018 10:00 am

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It is not just technology, Japan has a very fashion side in its city. I’m talking about the famous Harajuku Street and by that, I don’t mean just Lolitas as probably many of you have though, I mean the hole Streetwear of the Asian country. Not expecting less, Japan has a very unique style. With different subcultures including diverse styles and features. From casual to extravagant. And what I like the most about this city, undoubted is its Street Style. Risky, colorful and eclectic.

Going through all this topic will take an eternity. So here’s a 101 basic guide from what’s going on the other side of the world. The magic takes place in Tokyo, specifically Harajuku a district on Shibuya.

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Since I’m always looking for different Street Style from around the world. I’ve noticed different manners Japanese people use to create those stunning outfits. Here are some points you have to consider if you want to try Harajuku Streetwear some day.

But, before we go into it. I’d like to thanks Tokyo Fashion a big thanks for letting me show their amazing Street Photography. If you wanna see more about them check here.

Let’s begin!

Take Risks

If there’s something Japanese people don’t count with is the opinion of others, for them, their fashion is the best way to express. So, go ahead! Put that skirt, pants, trousers, or dress you like and slay! 

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Streets are always full of color, different shades, different textures and more. And they are experts in the art of putting rainbow colors together. So you better take a look at the color wheel and take notes about color matching.

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There’s the other side of the rainbow but it’s absolutely not bad at all. Monochrome will always be a go-to and of course, they take it to the next level.

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Patterns are Matters

This could be one more plus to your outfit in case you don’t want to accessorize that much. So next time you see an interesting pattern. Go ahead!

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Old with the New

One of the things I also like is the fact Japanese consider fashion as a lifestyle, more than just following trends. And they enjoy style different pieces from different time periods with the most contemporaneous trends.

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Mix and Mix

Have a jacket you don’t want anymore but it has a cool pattern and also a sweatshirt but it’s not cute anymore? So cut, sew et voilà. You now have a unique piece in your closet!

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Layering through Layering

Is not just putting it all together is an art and it takes a lot of thoughts and of course, they’re masters on this one (not counting The Olsen Twins tho).

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I think they were the ones to put the one more size on trend and it looks great!

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Adds that “cheery on the top” in your outfit and is never enough. The hair also counts oh and some of your favorite toys in case you still have one.

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As you see there’s a lot of creativity put together in fashion. Just get the inspo!

See you in the next post!




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