The Beginner’s Guide: Layering Skincare

November 9, 2017 11:00 am

With everything in life, including skincare, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. When you wake up in the morning and start getting dressed, you don’t put on your jacket before everything else and expect your outfit to be on point. Well, the skincare game is actually very similar.

True, if you layer your skincare products in the wrong order, it won’t be as visible as with clothes, but your skin will definitely know the difference. When you invest in quality products, you expect to get the most out of them, right? Well, in order to reap all the benefits, it’s incredibly important to follow a certain order.

If you’re a true beginner, read on carefully and before you know it, you’ll be a layering pro.

The gentle and the necessary

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The single best way to kick the day off right is with a good cleanse. Why? Well, having a clear canvas is the only way to ensure all the products that follow will actually do their job. Even if you’ve thoroughly cleansed in the evening, the bacteria coming from the pillowcase of your hair can still clog your pores and increase sebum production.

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When choosing your cleanser you want to go with something gentle, even if you’re battling acne, because harsh products, as well as washcloths, can further irritate your precious skin. This is why organic cleansers such as KORA Organics Cream Cleanser are the best pick. With organic products what you see is what you get – they’re safe, gentle and suitable for all skin types. This product doesn’t only have the approval of its creator – supermodel Miranda Kerr, but also of some of the most amazing and candid beauty vloggers such as Hunter, the face behind the Always, Hunter channel.

Introduce a new player

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If your skincare is short of a powerful player that goes by the name of ‘serum’, it’s time to step up and add it to your winning team. Seriously, your skin needs and deserves a serum. This amazing product contains more active ingredients than any moisturizer, which is exactly what makes it such an important player.

Since it’s the thinnest product, it only makes sense to apply it on the fresh and clean skin. Give it several minutes to work its magic before moving on to the next step. The best thing about serums is that they’re incredibly customizable – those with peptides help you stay ahead of wrinkles, salicylic acids are wonderful for oily skin. The gorgeous Lisa Allen has been kind enough to spill her skincare secrets, and her choice of serum has landed on the No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum, which she claims has transformed her skin in just 4 weeks, and therefore deems it ‘seriously awesome’.

Seal the deal


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After you’ve completed the first two steps, it’s time to bring in the known and beloved moisturizer. This baby comes after the serum, and for a good reason – moisturizer serves to lock in moisture, but it also serves to seal the serum on the skin, and allow it to be even more effective. If you mess with the order, the serum won’t be able to penetrate the moisturizer and the effects on your skin will be minimal.

If Desi Perkins’ famous radiance from within is what you’re after, follow her cue and go for the Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost Moisturizer by Tarte. This glowing goddess is also aware of the importance of sunblock, so grab her favorite Bare Republic SPF30 Mineral Face Lotion and stay gorgeous, stay safe.

When the night falls

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After spending the day with a face full of makeup, it’s time to treat your skin and show it some serious love. Start with a double cleanse – first remove your makeup with your weapon of choice – this can be anything from makeup wipes to coconut oil or micellar water, and then go back to the start and wash thoroughly with your cream cleanser to ensure the skin is squeaky clean. Then it’s time for the mighty serum again (twice a day is a must for the best results). Gently massage it into the skin so it can really sink in. Watch a YouTube clip while it does its job and then move on to night cream.

Retinol creams are unbeatable – they foster collagen production (fight wrinkles), and they pull the night shift to get you that glowing radiant complexion while you get your beauty sleep. Still, if you’re not ready for retinol, there’s a sea of other amazing night creams out there, and Christen Dominique, one of the best beauty bloggers has shared a lot of love for the Erborian Yuza sorbet night reinforced nighttime emulsion, and this girl knows what she’s talking about.



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