Stop Eating Your Emotions

June 18, 2018 9:01 am

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Hello! How are you doing?

What do i mean when i say eat your emotions?

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I have patients, friends and even me that when we are sad, anxious, happy, bored, alone, etc. food is the solution. We have reached a point where we eat with any excuse and most of the time we overeat and even when we are not hungry at all. On the other hand, its common that when we restrict certain foods for a long period of time,  there is a point where we cant hold ourself anymore and we eat without control.


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1.Enjoy every bite

Eat seated, chew, eat slowly and enjoy the experience. Forget about negative thoughts such as “you should not eat this or” this is “not healthy”. “Putting foods into categories while you consume generates stress and this leads to anxiety. So it does not matter if your food is” good “or “bad” if you have it in front and you are going to eat it, enjoy it.

2. Listen to your body

I have heard lots of people say “I do not remember the last time I was hungry”. We are so used to eating for food, anxiety, cravings or because we simply have the food in front of us that we do not stop to see if we really are hungry or not. In Ayurveda it is said that eating without hunger or without “digestive fire” leads to illnesses since food is not digested well. I recommend that every time you feel like eating, check if you are really hungry or thirsty or maybe you want to go for a walk.

3. Look for a healthier version

We know that restricting certain foods leads us  to eat them later in excess. Instead of stopping to eat what you like the most, I recommend you look for the healthiest version. Currently in the market there are many healthy stores that offer ice cream, chocolate, cakes, cookies, chips, etc. So if you have a craving, get the best version of the food and enjoy it without guilt.

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4. Nourish Yourself

Sometimes we look for a bit of love in food. So instead of comforting yourself with that chocolate, do something that nurtures you every day. It can be a walk, a swim, meet with friends, meditate, dance no matter what it is or how long it lasts, the important thing is that you give yourself that moment every day.

Let’s start treating our bodies with love and care, give priority to a healthy, balanced and conscious diet.

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