Summer Skin Care Routine MUSTS!

February 26, 2018 8:30 am

Hi beautiful girls! I`m Gabriela or Gaby I’m back after a long break to share some tips that I’ve learned over the last few years about makeup and beauty in general. Since I was a little girl I LOVED makeup, my mom on the other side was not son keen on it so it was always a struggle for me to wear even the smallest amount, but when I got away with it I felt on top of the world!

Today I present you my top 5 of things that u NEED in the summer, I’m super pale so since I was little the doctors always told me to take care of my skin, obviously I never listened because it was “not cool” to wear sunscreen or wear hats. At the end, I learned and at the age of 17 I started taking so much care of it. I started freaking out because little moles where appearing on my body and worst off all… on my face!!! I freaked out. So here are my tips and tricks that work wonder in the summer!


  1. Sunscreen is you BEST friend!

I personally use it every day of the year, but if you’re not into that at least wear it in the summer! The sun causes so much damage in your skin and if you don’t notice it now when your older you will. And remember once you put it on you have to re-apply! I love this brand called Sesderma, it leaves your skin matte so it’s perfect to not look greasy.

Ph. Rochester Media

  1. Aloe Vera is magic!

At my house we have a little aloe vera plant that has saved me, it is perfect for rosacia and irratable skin. It mosturizes the skin wonderfuly, and if you got sunburn its got you back! And even tho its not and everyday thing, when I use it it brings my skin back to life!

Ph. Plantagen

  1. Exfoliate!

Even though it can be a little tough on the skin it is also important to keep your skin smooth. I use on from La botica francesa that was suggested by my doctor because I have rosacea, if you have similar problems with your skin ask a professional on what to use on it!

Ph. Australian Skin Clinics

  1. Moisturize ever day!

Our skin NEEDS this, even though its oily. The environment can make our skin dry flaky or just dull, and moisturizer is the key to bring back you skin to life! I use it every morning before my sunscreen, but you can use it also at night. I love this Elizabeth Arden moisturizer because it very lightweight and it has also SPF so its perfect for the summer!

Ph. Moisturize Creams

  1. Drink Water!

I know I know, if you are like me and always forget to drink it its hard. But you have to make an effort, It has great results, your skin will feel like new again! Water gets your skin glowy and firm. Water is GREAT, So drink up!

Ph. fitwirr

Girls I hope you enjoyed todays post and that it helped you. I am by no means a professional but this is the stuff that works for me and maybe for you too. Lots of love!

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