QUIZ Which Literary Heroine Are You?

August 2, 2018 8:30 am

Have you ever gotten really excited over reading a certain book and wondered which character you’d be if you existed in their world? Well, me too. Honestly, I do it every time I read a book or a saga that I’m loving and I’m always left with that same unanswered question. So today I’m going to help us all by putting an end to the wondering and giving you the means to figure out once and for all which literary heroine you are with this really fun quiz.

1. Pick a color:


2. Pick a city you’d like to live in:

Ph 1: Favim / Ph 2: Pixabay / Ph 3: CNN / Ph 4: Tumblr


3. Your friends would describe you as:


4. Pick an activity:

Ph 1: Delirious Antidotes / Ph 2: Bergen Mama / Ph 3: Tumblr / Ph 4: Fitness Girls


5. The most important thing to you is: 


6. Pick a pattern:

Ph 1: Pinterest / Ph 2: New Hive / Ph 3: Pinterest / Ph 4: Pinterest


7. The quote that makes the most sense to you is:


8. Your favorite season is:

Ph 1: Etsy / Ph 2: Tumblr / Ph 3: Pet Panda / Ph 4: Pinterest


Are you ready for your results? Here they go:


Mostly A’s: You’re Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments!

Just like Clary, art holds a dear place in your heart and (just like any artist) you’re constantly on a journey of self-discovery in which you hope to find who you truly are and how to love that person. You may come across some setbacks along the way, but your goal is to find happiness and you will! Don’t be scared!

Ph. Devian Art

Mostly B’s: You’re Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games!

Katniss is practically your twin! You both adore your families, love spending time with them and put them above everything else. Just like her, you never back down from a situation you find unfair and face it head on instead. You also always fight for what you believe in, which positively impacts a whole bunch of people. Good for you!

Ph. BBFashion

Mostly C’s: You’re Mare Barrow from The Red Queen!

You and Mare have so much in common! For example, both of you have a hidden talent that you’re just starting to discover and that you should let shine more often. You two are also very loyal people and will not allow yourselves to rest until you know that your loved ones are safe and that justice is being served, as it should be. You are a very special person, don’t hide it!

Ph. Pinterest

Mostly D’s: You’re Tris Prior from Divergent!

For you, looking at Tris is basically like looking in a mirror. Just like her, you’re a little good at everything you do and no one can put you in a box. You have the ability to change the world, all you need to do is set your mind to it and find the group of people who agree with you on wanting to make this planet a better place. Keep doing you, you’re doing great!

Ph. Rebloggy

Well, it’s been a lot of fun doing this quiz. I hoped you enjoyed it too and that you’re happy with your results!


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