Pretend It Doesn’t Hurt, It Hurts Double!

June 13, 2017 8:15 am

When we go through moments that cause us suffering for some reason, we often pretend that it does not hurt us, we pretend to control the situation, our emotions and our own suffering. But this in the long run generates more pain because we do not allow ourselves to go through the necessary stages to heal, which only makes the situation worse.

Did it ever happen to you? Maybe you were going through a bad time, perhaps you had ended a relationship or you just moved and you felt sad but it was enough that someone asked you to answer “no, everything is fine” and to appear a smile. And it is that society and people have “taught” us to feel sad is wrong, which is a symbol of weakness … but let’s be honest, is he brave only the one who does not suffer? Or is it courageous who, despite all adversity, is still standing?

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Probably the second, and that because as humans we cannot be unaware of pain at some point, however, the attitude we take in front of it will be what allows us to move forward. Let us not ignore what happens to us and let us not get caught up in it, let us feel, take some time and then return to our path.


While writing about this topic, it came to my mind the Disney movie “Inside Out”, did you get to see it? In this film, and in a wonderful way, they show us the importance of each emotion we feel and how each one of it plays an important role in leading a life in harmony. However, it also shows us the intolerance in the way we face of sadness and the idea that “it does not serve” or “hinders”…

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But the most important thing in the film is that it highlights the importance of ACCEPT what we feel, as in the following dialogue:

  • Joy: Hey, calm down. Why are you crying? It is the opposite of what we want to achieve.
  • Sadness: Crying helps me calm down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems …

That’s how the protagonist of the film manages to adapt to her new life, and this is how you can adapt to the new changes: FACING THEM.

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Maybe at the moment you have the feeling that it will never go away, that the best and easiest way is not to feel and not think about the problem, but trust me: EVERYTHING HAPPENS, YOU WILL BE OK!

Do not forget that in this way of finding integral well-being, we are together.

Until the next post!


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