LIFWeek OI 17| Jose Francisco Ramos

April 28, 2017 2:51 pm

Luxury Comfort“, that is how I would call José Francisco Ramos‘s collection. Sometimes we hear, beauty hurts. It doesn’t have to. Child, you don’t see no women still wearing corsets all around, do ya? Women of today do not sit all day long like they used to long ago; they are active, move, work, socialice -” this collections is thought for the women of today and tomorrow, it reflects on trends of behavior and living, not necessarily fashion” -says Jose Francisco. This collections reflects precisely that, comfort, versatility and adaptability.

The designer is very conscious of the human body, its emotional, physical and spiritual side. It’s no surprise that it is the second year he collaborates in an alliance with Reebok #BeMoreHuman, a brand with an ideal of seeing people as human beings searching to be a better version of themselves and honor their bodies with an experience that goes beyond the physical aspect of training.

The colour palette was set by a painting he made last year, principally conformed by greys, cream, black and accents in yellow (which is THE colour of the season) and purple. This painting was even printed on textiles which he used in the last looks on the runway.

Life today is very accelerated, the hours just fly by, right? This tic toc, running from the office to an event and the fact that time and distance are getting way smaller was reflected on the runway. The adaptability and flexibility of the pieces were seen in all its glory, after a first round with a casual and urban look, there was a second one with the same pieces adding a few new ones such as coats and jackets and changing the styling a little bit; such as changing sneakers for heels, a ponytail, more make up and you are ready to go. A real collection #GottaKeepItReal wish adequate to today’s woman; active, modern, comfortable.


Check out these oversize palazzo pants with the painting as a print (painted by the designer himself)… it is to DIE for #SeriouslyNeedThemInMyLife.

Ph. Santiago García Arrué

These are versatile, practical and functional pieces, which also express a subtle and feminine sensuality. We (women) are lee this, we have many different sides and juxtapositions that batee inside of us. This collection recreates that a little and also the fact that we can find peace in all the chaos that is life. We have to overcome obstacles everyday, life throws whatever ball it can find our way. What is important is not to focus on the chaos but keep moving forward (which was ideally represented on the runway when two models walked the catwalk with only one shoe, but had their eyes straight forward and head held high). This is hoy we walk through life and these are the types of ideas we should see more of; thought for real women, our personalities and our lifestyles.

That is all for today, I will leave you with this video of the show shot by Diego Valdivia and see you next time.



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