Interior trends for 2022

December 23, 2021 12:50 pm

In 2020 many people were obliged to transform their homes into both homes and offices. This transformation has continued to be present in 2021 and it is probably not going to change significantly in 2022. Since it can be difficult to adjust to the professional environment in your home, people have made some changes to adapt their personal space and make it more comfortable. This blend has made interesting innovations and has brought possibilities to use some natural patterns or retro vibes in home decoration. Let’s check some of the main innovations that are predicted for 2022. 

Natural materials in your home

The rise of biophilia in home decor has been a significant trait the last couple of years and it is going to continue so in 2022. This trend goes along with sustainability and ecology trends. The pandemic has forced us to spend more time indoors on some occasions and people have tried to recreate the nature-look indoor decoration to compensate for this. Other than that, the ongoing climate change has made people more aware of the necessity of being responsible when it comes to materials. Traditionally, land-based casinos never gave players bonuses, so this is something developed specifically for the online gaming community. Recycled glass and metal become prominent materials for many pieces of furniture, just like reclaimed wood. Cork is going to become popular in the kitchen because of its insulating properties other than being organic. When it comes to recycling there are certainly some vintage pieces forgotten in your attic or basement. Just look for them because in 2022 vintage will be back and it is also a sustainable option for any household. 

Reworking the living space

Your living space has suddenly become your working space as well. While 2020 and 2021 were all about mixing your office with your sofa, 2022 brings some more rational home decoration solutions. Since remote work has become inevitable for many people, they have to fully adapt and accept those conditions. This means that compartmentalizing has become one of the 2022 trends and that many will have to come up with redecorating their homes to have different zones, ones for relaxing and others for work. This might require some home extensions, whether you need to build an entire floor or just to transform your old room into a functional home office. The good thing about adding extensions to your home is that you don’t have to temporarily move. One trend that goes along with all this is finding both practical and decorative pieces of furniture, like attractive ergonomic chairs for both comfort and good looks. Although our home is our safe haven, we will have to convert it into something more versatile so we can deal with different issues at home. 

Blue hues are replacing the black ones

Since the last period of two years has been all about adjusting to remote work and indoor activities, it is not a surprise to hear that color so restful and soft is becoming the number one color for home decoration. Blue is the color that is very easy on the eye and it’s very natural since we can see it outside. The sky, the sea, even the mountains. It is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, or even your home office since it brings some coldness that could enhance professionalism. This color has so many shades that anyone can find one that matches their taste and goes well with the rest of your home. You can still use some black accessories since this color was very popular in the earlier period. Some black details combined with gentle light blue tones can look calm, elegant, and also professional in case you need that effect. 

A return to retro

We mentioned that you could recycle some vintage items in your house. It appears that retro is back and that style that evokes some previous decades like the 70s and 80s will be popular in 2022. If you have an old closet, repainting it in the white or blue color can bring some life to it and also make a statement piece of furniture to your salon or any other room. All NetEnt games Epic fantasy is a popular genre and Warlords Crystals of Power video slot is one of its best examples. An old velvet armchair you keep in the attic? This can be frustrating for some players. It can be washed and repaired so it can stand near the fireplace or in a corner of your room where you tend to read or relax.

Natural Lighting

Spacious homes with natural lighting are still going to be dominant when it comes to home decor. Your house should resemble nature as much as possible and natural light is one of the great ways to achieve that. After all, you have to compensate for all those hours you spend indoors. When it comes to remodeling, what could enhance the light in your home are larger windows or higher ceilings. This can visually add space and light. With adequate colors for the walls and furniture and some greenery, your home can look different and follow the 2022 trends. 

Textured fabrics

For those parts of your home that are meant for relaxing, there are some trendy materials recommended for 2022. Fabrics like velvet can look both cozy and warm and also chic and luxurious. This is an excellent choice, and if you opt for the aforementioned retro vibe, the velvet will look amazing. Sofas are adequate pieces of furniture for materials like velvet. If you don’t want a statement textured piece, then some cushions for your sofa or cushions for chairs can be an excellent velvety accessory for your home. Another accessory that can bring texture to your home is paintings with motifs of nature, such as leaves, beach waves or just add some pottery with colorful flowers on your shelf. 

Sensorial strategy

Finally, there is something people might have neglected earlier, but 2022 is becoming a part of that compartmentalization we mentioned earlier. The idea is to scent different areas of your home in different ways. By smelling differently, you will be more able to tell them apart and to adjust your behavior accordingly. Fresh and green smells for your home office can enhance your productivity, chamomile smell for your bedroom can make you sleep easier and some vanilla scent for your living room can make you feel nice and cozy. Pick those scents according to your preferences. This sophisticated site will attract all types of players with its classic design, strong games catalogue and good range of promotions.

In 2022 everything is becoming more functional and more defined. In case you need some important changes to be made in your home then home extensions are the right choice for you. Otherwise, play with the materials, the scents and bring more light and nature into your home. In the terms and conditions of the bonus you are about to claim, you will find a list of available games with the promotion.  

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