Influencer’s Fashion and Beauty Winter Essentials

December 5, 2018 6:20 am

Photo by Cesar La Rosa on Unsplash

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram, looked at your favorite bloggers and wondered how they all look so perfectly put together, even in the cold and harsh winter weather? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. That is why we decided to ask some of the top beauty and fashion influencers to share their tips and tricks with us and help us look flawless in the upcoming season. Here are some of their favorite winter essentials:

Lip balm

Our lips are the first thing that gets affected by the harsh winter weather and chapped lips are never a good look on anyone. That is why influencers always carry their favorite lip balm in their bag, wherever they go. They recommend daily application of a lip balm with SPF and deeply moisturizing shea butter, in order to protect your lips during the colder months.


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The loss of moisture in the skin is the reason it often looks dull during the colder months. So, in order to get the lost moisture back, most influencers opt for a heavy moisturizer. Heavy moisturizers are the best option for cold winter months – not only do they create a protective layer on the skin, but they also nourish it and keep it very soft and supple.


We usually tend to use sunscreen only during the summer or when we’re on holiday because we think that is when we’re most vulnerable to dangerous sunrays. But the truth is, harmful UVA and UVB rays can do a lot of damage to your skin all year round, which is why every influencer knows not to leave their house without putting on quality organic sunscreen first, in order to protect their skin and keep it looking young and fresh.

Oil-based foundation

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Although matte finish foundations are very popular, they may not be the best option for winter, because they tend to make the already damaged skin look even more dull, flaky and dry. By using an oil-based foundation, you will avoid looking cakey and have wonderfully glowing skin, even in winter. If you only have matte foundations, however, another cool trick the influencers shared with us is to mix a few drops of beauty oil into your foundation, in order to achieve a similarly radiant effect.

Bold lipstick

Photo by Anabel F. Zamora on Unsplash

Winter is a time we often wear more muted, neutral toned outfits, so we need something that will stand out and set us apart from the crowd. Most influencers opt for lipsticks in bold colors, such as purple, red and maroon. Not only are these colors very trendy right now, but they complement the winter theme perfectly and they are a definite way of attracting anyone’s attention.

Cozy scarf

Apart from being a great way to ensure you stay warm and cozy during the cold months, scarves are also an amazing accessory that can truly showcase your personal style. Fashion bloggers often go for the ever popular blanket scarf, because it is a very chic and effortless addition to any winter outfit. Whether you choose to throw it carelessly over your shoulder or wrap it around multiple times, there are countless ways to style this fashionable accessory.

Statement coat

Photo by Josh Edgoose on Unsplash

Outerwear is the most important aspect of any winter outfit, so fashionistas often like to choose bold coats that showcase their personal style and truly make a statement. An eye-catching statement coat is a sure way of brightening up any neutral or all-black outfit.

Over the knee boots

Over the knee boots can be dressed down with jeans and a sweater for a casual daytime look or glammed up with a dress or skirt for a fabulous nighttime outfit. Warm and chic, they are the perfect winter combination and an all-time influencer favorite.

Knitted sweater dress

Photo by rocknwool on Unsplash
Another influencer essential is a knitted sweater dress – it is the easiest way to show a little leg during the winter, while still remaining warm and cozy. For added warmth, it can be paired with tights or your favorite winter coat, and an added bonus is that this type of dress looks amazing with any kind of shoes. Whether you choose a form-fitting style or a relaxed version, you can never go wrong with this winter staple.

With this amazing list of our favorite influencers’ beauty and fashion secrets, you are bound to look fabulous this winter – all you need to do is give them a try.

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