How to Know What to Say?

April 3, 2017 12:46 pm

It is likely that in recent weeks many of us have relatives and friends who have been affected by the torrential in Peru, and many times we have the doubt of what to say and what not to say when talking to them. And is that at this time, our country continues to pass one of the strongest blows of nature in recent years. So now is when every help and every word is fundamental.

Many times because of our anxiety, we end up saying “Everything is fine” or “everything will pass” and we are left with the feeling of not knowing what to say or not being able to offer a word of calm and encouragement. Is that in moments like this there are lots Impotence for not having control of the situation, like a natural disaster. So, rather than anguish over what to say, let us listen to them. From there, everything begins (and will be a good start).

Ph. Euroresidentes

Take these recommendations in consideration, and you will be able to provide a great help to this person in your life. What can you do?

– BE THERE FOR THEM, they may need your company and your help.

– LISTEN, many times it is not necessary to say anything.

– LET THEM FREELY EXPRESS their thoughts and ideas, do not judge them.

– LET THEM CRY, OR FEEL RAGE OR WRATH. Understanding that they can have negative reactions or words against us is normal in these situations.

– Avoid counting other similar events that we know: THEIR IS UNIQUE AT THAT MOMENT.

– DO NOT give advice, if they didn’t ask it for.

– Leave them alone, if they need it.

Trust your listening skills. Sometimes we think so much in words that we forget to speak, first we must listen :)

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