How to bring nature into your home

November 28, 2021 12:19 pm

We, humans, belong to nature, so it is completely normal to bring nature into our everyday environment. These days it might be even more important since we live in crowded cities, use cars or public transportation, use a lot of technology devices and we are generally distancing ourselves from nature. However, nature is generally the best for our well-being and can give us a balanced and de-stressed life. Let’s see what we can do to bring it into our home. 

Use natural materials

Your furniture should be made of natural, but yet sustainable materials. The best example of that is bamboo since it grows much faster than trees. It will be easier to be cleaned and also it will be lighter and give a more cheerful look to your space. It is far better than the old dark wooden furniture that makes your room look somber. Our environment can affect our mood, so make sure to be in a space that makes you feel de-stressed. 

Add some natural patterns 

The materials can imitate nature and that is what makes it close to you although being indoors. Other than materials that resemble wood, there are others like stone, linen, cotton, faux leather, sand, or clay. They can all find a place at your home. A stone wall in your living room can make it appear much cozier and warm than a plain white wall. You can use brick instead of stone as well. Shelves with plants in vases made of clay and painted in some turquoise or any other bright color are a wonderful idea as well. 

Add indoor plants or flowers

Having plants in your home can make it look as if you are spending time in some garden instead of a regular living room or maybe a home office. It is especially good for people who meditate and like to feel the natural ambiance at their homes. This can reduce stress and anxiety after a long day at work which is beneficial in so many ways, One of them is a lower heart rate and cortisol levels. Indoor greenery can also boost the levels of oxygen and remove those harmful pollutants so you literally breathe fresher air. Plants can be decorative like we mentioned, and not only greenery is meant for these purposes. You can also add some flowers to make it more vivid. A dried flower bouquet can be a good adornment for any shelf, fireplace, or regular living room table. You don’t have to replace them often and that makes them economical and practical. In fact, at many online casinos, you can win so large, that most of these games offer bonuses up to 100 times the initial bet.  

Try aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy at home is very beneficial. Essential oils are the main ingredients for all of the aromatherapy recipes. Steam inhalation with an addition of essential oils can help you fight off flu, nasal congestions, and coughs. Peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, and lavender are among the most famous ones. Other than their practical purposes they spread a nice and calming smell. Have an aromatic bath from time to time to relieve any muscle tension or pain or just for pleasure. If you meditate, the smell of essential oils can make it much more enjoyable. 

Repaint the walls

The color palette available to you is ample since nature itself offers so many colors. There are gray mountains, blue lakes, green forests, brown wood, etc. All these colors can be used in your home to invoke that natural ambiance. It is up to you to choose whether a colder palette with blue, green, white, and grey tones or a warmer one with different shades of brown, red, yellow, beige, and orange. Green is the easiest color on the eyes, and it is a great choice for those of you who also work from home since it can make those tiresome hours on a computer much less painful. Green evokes balance and can make you calm and even be helpful in meditation. 

Use the natural light

Don’t forget to bring light into your home. If the weather allows it, have open windows and light and bright colored curtains that will allow the light to enter the room. It is good for your eyesight and also your overall good mood. However, if you like darker colors and they make you feel happy, don’t be afraid of using them for your walls. The natural light that comes from the outside will be enough to brighten it up. 

Follow some of these tips and in case your home has started to look a little bit sterile or dull, rest assured that these ideas will make it look much more vivid, bright, and calming. Your energy levels will increase and your overall mood will be much more cheerful. 

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