How Millennials Dictate the New Rules of Style

August 21, 2019 4:27 am

The new generation is bringing new rules. Millennials seem to be fully aware of this statement and they do not hesitate to admit that they are changing the already established norms in order to balance their education, career, family, relationships. How often can I win on free slots? And fashion, of course, because the generation Y is creating a new, fresh style that is in accordance with their lifestyle, their personalities, their career, and their finances. Casinos will also make sure they cater to VIP or high roller players too.

Everyone knows what a struggle it is to graduate from college and start searching for your dream job. New situations, together with unfamiliar people and greater responsibilities, mark the true start of your adulthood. So, sweatshirts and sneakers are no longer an outfit you can spend your whole day in. Does this mean that you need a whole new and expensive wardrobe just because you want or already have a new job? The answer is: absolutely not.

Jeans and jackets

The formal attire nowadays doesn’t only include pencil skirts, blazers, and white blouses. Denim, we all have and love, can help you construct a professional and trendy outfit. High-rated online casinos are available as mobile casinos as well. Pair your favorite jeans with a simple monochromatic shirt and a lovely necklace, and there you have it. You will look chic and competent, and ready to share your knowledge. Just make sure that the company you are going for an interview or are starting to work in is OK with wearing jeans to work. 

If, on the other hand, you opt for a pencil skirt and a roll neck, or a sophisticated dress, you can finish both of these styles with your trusty leather biker jacket. The biker jacket will give off that vibe of a confident millennial who is keeping up with the trends on both the fashion and the business area. Drive casino in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, it is lovely and comfortable inside. Another benefit of this look is that you can easily take off your heels you wore to work/interview and replace them with sneakers, creating a compelling look in no time.

Bags and shoes

When it comes to classic fashion pieces, it should be noted that the millennial generation is more focused on acquiring pieces that are minimalistic and versatile. Managing work, going to the gym, going for a well-deserved night out with friends can be quite challenging. That is why millennials choose clothes and accessories that can be used on multiple occasions. For instance, a leather tote bag is a statement item you can wear both to work, and for a night out after your 9-to-5. It can also be appropriate for your gym gear if that is on your schedule for that day. In case you prefer an androgynous fashion, you can take a look at the men’s section and spice up your look style with a couple of cool men’s bags, that are both trendy and practical. 

Another standard fashion piece that a millennial girl, starting her business career, owns is kitten heels. Comfortable and stylish, these heels will not make you regret not wearing ballet flats. You can find models that are appropriate for going on job interviews but that can also be styled to fit your Sunday brunch outfit when you decide to have some relaxing time with your girlfriends. With many generation Y members loving to wear them, kitten heels are truly a functional and snazzy pair of shoes.


A modern black suit is also something that can be useful for a millennial. This piece is businessy enough to be appropriate for a day of meetings, but simultaneously elegant enough to be worn for a dinner at your favorite restaurant. Black is just the most versatile color that will probably be the easiest to pair with the rest of your clothes, however, this doesn’t mean that you should stay away from suits in more vibrant colors. If, on the other hand, you prefer to mix and match, you can add a few fitted blazers and high waisted trousers to your wardrobe; or maybe you already have them in your possession.

Likewise, you may demonstrate the true millennial take on fashion by opting for paper bag trousers that are an absolute hit on both the runway and on Instagram. Go for color and patterns that reflect your personal style and pair them with a simple roll neck or a white shirt. 


Lastly, it should be noted that accessorizing is where a millennial can genuinely express one’s uniqueness. A statement necklace or a delicate bracelet which has a sentimental value will make you stand out from the others wearing similar uniform-like outfits. As long as you keep it in accordance with the dress code of your potential or new employer, you are on the right track of redesigning the business style in fashion.

The crucial thing about millennials and the way they are changing the rules of fashion is that they “dress for success”. You can even get a pre-paid Mastercard and use it wherever the debit card option is accepted. The new generation has higher standards when it comes to fashion and they know how to balance a unique, suitable, and trendy outfit. Millennials, you are doing it right.

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