High Fashion Look Tricks

April 10, 2017 8:30 am

You can’t really choose high fashion; it’s the other way around – high fashion chooses you.

These days, you can’t just go out looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed despite the #iwokeuplikethis atmosphere. After all, fashion has recently become very demanding, and you can’t let yourself loose. The beautiful paradox about it, though, is that the currently popular street style is all about exciting clashes with couture, setting new standards of the acceptable at every corner. In essence, you have to be (almost) runway-ready for the day, even when you put on the first thing you could find.

This newly emerged obsession with fashion (or is it all that new, really?) is as much exciting as it is frightening. Long gone is the era when everyone would follow a given fad… Now, the time has come to express your individuality through the pieces you wear and show the world what you’re made of.

Here, just a few tips that will help you up your fashion game and step on the dilemma called “what to wear today”:

Wear a Hat Anywhere

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At a point in time, hats were intended for pure protection from the weather out with no fashion intent whatsoever. Then, they’ve become fashion statements showing off gentlemen and ladies’ social status (high brow citizens were known to wear them). These days hats are back as style accessories, adding a statement to one’s overall outfit. This is the what does 21 3 mean in blackjack list of online gambling websites who offer video poker games. Additionally, a hat doesn’t even have to be just an accessory;
it could very well be the centrepiece of your street style inspired outfit. Take it a step further and try to find one which absolutely doesn’t go with your outfit, and wear it.

Pick the Wrong Thing On Purpose

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It’s hard finding the right shoes for going out and unless you’re lucky enough, it could take forever to find a perfect pair. Now, it’ll become a piece of cake to match a pair of shoes with your outfit, as – here’s the brilliant twist – you don’t even have to. Look for what you would normally wear, and swap it with the complete opposite. It’s a statement, it’s more comfortable, and it’s street style art.

Look Cool & Wild

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Nothing says relaxed, wild, and cool better than wearing a leather jacket. Or at least that’s what the 90s fashion inspired trends dictate. You may have already heard that
motorcycle jackets are making a comeback, and you can enjoy them once more! Further, you are also allowed to create a completely new and innovative style. They’re great for any occasion and they will go well with any kind of combo you have for your outfit. If you’re an animal lover, fret not as there are faux leather jackets that look just as good, if not better than the real thing.

A bit of class with your dress


Street style is inspired by the street (obviously) which roughly translates to loose clothes, comfortable baggy outfits, and a combo which inspires creativity and innovation. The best thing about the street style is the possibility of finding the best shopping deals and the freedom to combine affordable clothes with some statement pieces. Even though sleeved dresses, for example, aren’t a new fashion statement, they can be a bold move to combine with your everyday outfits. However, they add more than just class to your look – they are an amazing way to look dangerous and sensual without losing any part of your usual street style inspired look.

High fashion isn’t about wearing tuxedos and dresses to formal parties – those times are changing. You now have the freedom to imbue your outfits with the innovation and edge you always wanted, without being afraid that someone will ridicule you. Remember, though, even in mayhem there’s a bit of order and planning! Meaning, even if you create a mismatch, it should be matched accordingly. Get it?

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