Good Things To Come

August 7, 2017 6:34 pm

On saturday I went with Johanna de la Cruz, Ariana and Vanessa (winners of the Sedal contest) to meet Yuya. That’s just it, I wasn’t expecting to meet any other than Yuya and the lovely Ari and Vane, who were as excited as I was of spending an great afternoon. It wasn’t a great afternoon… ¡IT WAS A SPECTACULAR ONE! And I didn’t just meet two incredible people, but dozens you my cuties this past saturday. The amount of love I felt that day was something I never dreamed of experiencing.

I created Dolce Placard with the idea of sharing my world, life, things I love, my mistakes and day to day reflexions I learn everyday. I never thought “Oh wow, I want people to recognize me on the street“. It’s not my objective and it never was. Knowing I have managed to occupy a little special place in your hearts and lives make all of this so worth it. It exceeds my expectations completely. I am so happy to be able to do what I love and that you love it too, since it is because of you that I do it. Being only a couples days away of the fourth year anniversary I can only say THANK YOU. Thank you for being so amazing, you fill my life with pure joy and I’m sure that good things will continue to come.

Ph. Santiago García Arrué


¿A quiénes de ustedes veré en la juntada? Planeo engreírlos montones con muchos regalitos y muchas sorpresas así que nada de roche mis babies y nos vemos ahi <3.


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