Global Traveller

September 16, 2017 8:50 pm

You guys know I breathe fashion, it’s the way my body keeps on going! I don’t turn food into energy. I don’t do photosynthesis. I inhaled fashion, and someway my body manages to live on that. Fashion weeks are my favorite part of the year! (aside from christmas and any day at a Disney park of course). Also, it is a way of staying tuned with all the new proposals from designers, trends and icons that are IT on the industry and so, being able to communicate it to you guys. In order to do tips about fashion, I gotta have all the scoop. At least, I try to. What better way that traveling to do just that?

This is the first year I haven’t gone to NYFW for a while, I won’t be going to Paris, Milan or London either. Evidently, as lovely as these trips are, there is also a budget to consider. I always saw it as an investment, to stay current, have all the info and got as a professional in this industry. However, you guys know this year is special, since I am following my dream of having my own place with my Boo, so… as much as I love travel and Fashion Week, this year Iam doing some sacrifices to achieve this dream (my budget can’t take both). Dreams take some sacrifices, but I think it’s worth it, don’t you? Thankfully, with social media I’ve been able to stay on top of everything, just as if I were right there. Also… Fashion Week is not going anywhere. It will still be there next year, right?

Still, I’m pretty excited about a big dream I am planning for November. An oportunity came to to visit a city I always dreamed of traveling to, so, there still some trips to come. Planning many more for next year as well. Remember, it’s all about working hard and know where to make some little sacrifices and achieve your goals.

This was the look I wore yesterday to DESIGUAL‘s latest event and the launch of their new collection. It’s always one of my favorite shows at NYFW so, no way I would miss on that. The collection is called “Global Traveller“, which I thought went perfectly with what’s going on in my head these days. What do you guys think? PD: This season is all about RED. Just like the one on my lips, handbag and details. You have been notified, so take notes, hehe.


Ph. Diego Valdivia Fotografía

Boyfriend Jeans & Jacket DESIGUAL
Booties ALANIA

¿Do you guys have a dream or a goal in mind too? Let me know! One time I heard that if you share your dreams with other dreamers it will get you closer to them. Good vibes, work hard and keep you mind set in your goals, my loves. Love you guys and have an amazing weekend.


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