Fighting with Liquid Liner?! Not Anymore

May 9, 2017 8:52 am

Hey guys! How are you?!!! Hope you’re great! Today I’ll give some advice for all of them that usually fight with the liquid eyeliner haha! You’ll find 2 tricks that will keep you save from this product! :P Remember, the more practice you have, the better will come out.


Before applying the liquid eyeliner on top of your eyelashes, draw a line with an eyeliner pencil, (it must be chopped), so you can measure if you want thinner or thicker. Don’t’ forget to look in how it’s going. You can start from the outer corner of the eye or from the tear, as it is most comfortable for you. TIP: Always on top of the eyelashes.



On top of the line that you draw with you chopped pencil, ;)  and if you really like it.., apply the liquid eyeliner carefully from the tear to the end. And that’s it! TIP: Draw with the pencil a thin line that is very close to the birth of the eyelashes, ‘cause that way, you can make it thicker.  And if you don’t like it, it’s more esay to erase than with the liquid eyeliner. ;)

One more tip!

Do you want to have more lashes without putting false lashes? Well, with this tip, we can achieve it, never so equal to the false eyelashes, but they will look more dense. Draw a line with waterproof pencil or gel just in the upper water line like the photo. This will give the appearance of having more eyelashes. Go test it!

Hope I’ ve helped you with this super trick in two steps!

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