Fashion Bloggers’ Wardrobe Secrets

July 11, 2017 8:30 am

In the world of fashion of today it goes fashion designers first, supermodels second and fashion bloggers third. Designers are visionaries that create the wearable art, while supermodels get to showcase that art and get the inside scoop on the upcoming trends. Fashion bloggers, on the other hand, are a slightly different force, but one to be reckoned with. They are what we call ‘real people’ who happen to have an amazing and innovative sense of style. Just like supermodels, the best of them don’t follow trends but rather set them. Finally, the reason we love, trust and follow their advice is accredited to their level or relatability. More often than not they rock outfits and garments that aren’t only wearable in everyday life but attainable for the rest of us. So, let’s take a sneak peek into their closets and snag us some of their secrets.

An iconic item


It is safe to say that this garment has stood the test of time and the fact that it’s still one of the most popular garments out there has definitely earned it the iconic title. Of course, we are talking about the mighty leather jacket. You can own a yellow, pink, brown, maroon and even white one, but if you want to err on the side of high combinability you’ll definitely choose the classic black one. This is one of those garments that can transform itself from edgy to classy in a matter of minutes as it adapts to any outfit you pair it with, making it a true chameleon. There is a good chance that there is not a single fashion influencer that doesn’t own at least one, so if you still don’t hop to it ASAP. Your life will become 125% better.

Bohemian like you


Minimalism may slowly be taking over the fashion and street style scene, but there are no signs that the boho style will be going anywhere anytime soon.
Floral dresses, off the shoulder tops, playsuits, printed gypsy dresses, statement jewelry, kaftans, kimonos, bright-colored maxi skirts and crochet bikinis are only some of the must-have items of today’s reigning boho queens. So, if this style is something that speaks to your personality and reflects your free spirit, these are definitely the garments you should start stocking up on when building your boho wardrobe arsenal.

The abundance of denim

No true Instagram or blogging fashion icon would ever be caught without that perfect pair of ripped jeans. They can take different shapes and colors, but the emphasis is on the ripped element. You have the liberty to choose among skinny, mom and boyfriend jeans, as long as they are flattering and again – ripped. What this element brings to the table is a slight sense of rebellion to every outfit. However, the best feature of a great pair of jeans lies in its power of combinability. When worn with sneakers and a slouchy tee, they instantly give that careless casual vibe. When worn with pumps and a blazer, they ooze a relaxed sophistication while retaining a touch of edginess and that is why you should definitely search for the perfect pair.

Clean, classic, sleek

If you want to stand with the best of them and jump on board the minimalist train, here are some basics you need to know. Non-colors, namely black and
white are the ones that should be gracing your closet. Little black dresses and jumpsuits should be your go-to choices as well as nude or navy culottes, a great variety of simple monochromatic tees with an occasional appearance of stripes. That’s all there is to it. Supreme quality trumps quantity, which means that your wardrobe will not only be minimal in terms of color palette and cuts but the number of garments as well. This style is popular exactly because exudes ease of and sophistication all wrapped into one. Minimalists love their ‘ugly’ shoes trend, but if you’re not as big of a fan you can always go with simple slingbacks and patent-leather flats.

Shades of white  

No matter which fashion movement you belong or are more inclined towards, there are certain things all fashion blogger agree on, and that is the power of basics. Grey, white, navy, black T-shirts are mandatory. A white dress shirt belongs here as well. Great bags – a classic black tote, geometric clutch, a crossbody bag, black city bag and a nude handbag are only a few that grace the photos and closets of these gals.  

This list is more than sufficient to get you started on rebuilding your wardrobe. Keep a close watch on your favorite fashion bloggers and soon you’ll be able to fly solo and become an independent fashionista that will create her own rules and trends.

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