Erdem X H&M

October 28, 2017 6:44 pm

I feel straight out from “Little House on the Prairie” but with a high fashion edge. That’s how I would describe my look while wearing this gorgeous dress. I had been telling you about ERDEM, the british designer working with H&M to create a collections, remember? This romantic and floral air that defines the designer’s style comes from a very nostalgic place for him, reminding him of his childhood while observing dresses in British cinema or even his mother’s coat, which clearly made quite the impact with him.

We are transported to a rustic paradise (feeling the Little House on the Prairie mode yet, are we?, like sprint out of a dream. I felt so comfortable and happy in this look. I love it because it combines a retro romanticism with contemporary drama. H&M is joining forces with a different designer each year to bring their vision to a lot of people that, without this platform, probably would have access to their designs and I AM LOVING IT. If you are dying to get your own ERDEM X H&M romantic piece as much as I am, you can get in stores all over the world on November 2nd. Don’t waste any more time and dare to be a part of this dreamland.


Ph. Alexander Pérez Flores

Accessories BUTRICH

Until next time, my loves. Keep dreaming!


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