May 25, 2018 9:36 am

Life can be so unexpected. I know, how cliché right? But totally true… what are you gonna do. If you guys follow me Instagram you would have seen that last week I said that one of my dreams is going to come true! I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!! My darlings, if you go after it, you will get it. Don’t ever just sit around waiting for it to happen on its own, because, trust me, you will be waiting a long time.

I think dreams are a combination of three things: perseverance, passion and opportunity. When the three come together, that make a cosmic collision in which a lot of sparks go off and create crazy magic. First of all, the perseverance and passion must come from you. This way, when the opportunity present itself, it will be the magic catalyzer to make your dreams come true. Opportunities may come by once, twice or even more times, but DO NOT take them for granted, because things always happen for a reason. I promise to tell you more about this dream when the time is right, but not quite yet…. it is something I have fantasized about all my life! It’s crazy to think you might see it come to life, and with it, I hope to help a lot of people. People that have been through what I’ve been through, that felt the loneliness, the desperation, lack of comfort and felt so so alone. This is the start of something great! I cannot wait to share more of it with you guys, but be patient, my babes. Paciente that I will be telling you all about it soon enough.


Ph. Santiago García Arrué


Someone wanna take a wild guess on what my surprise is about? I think I have already given you too many hints, but I just can’t hold it in!


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