Dolce Barroque

April 26, 2017 6:58 pm

It was singular autumn day under a grey linean sky when I frisa saw that burgundy brocade fabric and my soul cringed in awe. It was love… love at first sight!

GIF. Tumblr

It was then transformed to a masterpiece by Luciana (my friend and the designer of the dress), which made me feel as a lady of the russian court that could have been hanging out with princess Anastasia, and what I would wear if I went to the Sevilla April fair to seduce a matador. Too much? Sorry, mi imagination can get the best of me sometimes. But that is kinda what was going on in my head when wearing the dress.

Most of you guys loved my dress, but there were a couple of people who said -“How boring… a cocktail dress. Be more original, it’s fashion week not a cocktail”. I get what you mean, yes, fashion is all about self-expression and you might think the dress was a “safe” choice. I will tell you 3 reasons why I do not agree and I’m supeeeer happy I wore this dress:

  1. The way it both sexy-demure, light and heavy… it’s what sets it apart, it looks more like a skirt and top combo than a dress. So original, there was nothing like it at the event.
  2. It accentuates my sexy latin curves and makes me feel I can take over the world (may be I should give it a go?).
  3. I felt like wearing it and I don’t have to explain myself hehe.

That’s right, since fashion is about self expression, I have one thing to say to those who said it was “underwhelming”; I wear what I want, if I like it and want to wear it, that is good enough a reason. That goes for you guys too, wear what you want for yourselves, because YOU like it, not to impress others. Besides, you are never going to be able to please EVERYONE, it you like it that is all that matters. And the secret to looking cool.

Ph. Santiago García Arrué



I gotta run since we have some more shows today, do not forget to follow Instagram to check out more pics and stories, yesterday I did a live stream of Naeem Kahn’s runway show (it was to die for). I will post about that show tomorrow, keep posted. Kisses, babes.


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