Delicious Ways to Eat Vegetables Even If You Don’t Like Them

May 8, 2017 7:38 am

Hello! Today I’m going to talk about a topic that many moms worry about and that also can be complicated for some adults … the vegetables!

Vegetables are the base of almost all diets and is not for taste. This  foods are full of very important nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins)  that keep our body healthy. In addition to this, most have a lot of fiber, which gives us a feeling of satiety for a longer time and helps us in our digestion. But … not everyone likes them! Here are some simple ways to include them in your day to day life and fall in love with them.

1. Add it to your Morning Juices
You can add cucumber to your morning juice, you will be including a vegetable and neither the taste nor the color will be affected. If you feel a little more daring you can turn your breakfast juice into a “Green Juice”. You can make yourself a detox juice by mixing cucumber, parsley, a pinch of ginger and ½ green apple or an antioxidant juice by mixing celery, mint, blueberries and strawberries.

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2. Be More Creative

Vegetables can vary their flavor depending on how you prepare them. There are people who do not like tomato, but they  do like tomato sauce or people who prefer cooked asparagus that raw. With vegetables it is important to experiment to find the right way for you. You can try baked, grilled, BBQ, with sauce an especific sauce as a dip or maybe raw.

I have discovered a way of preparing the carrot, I cut it in little sticks and then y fry them in a pan with coconut oil, salt and pepper. They are delicious!

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3. Hide Them

An easy way to include vegetables is by hiding them. You can add them to preparations where the taste will not be noticed or take advantage of preparations with vegetables that you like to add more. For example you can prepare a mashed potato and mix it with zucchini puree. No one will notice. You can also prepare your tomato sauce and add onion or carrot. To your basil sauce add broccoli and spinach and your sauce to the huancaína a little carrot or pumpkin.


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