Cream cheese, cranberries, basil and serrano ham rollups

June 29, 2017 8:30 am

Hi Dolce family! I’ve found my new favourite appetizer! Not only is it excessively easy and quick to make but it’s also SO GOOD. I probably ate about 10 in a row after making them lol. You can replace the dried cranberries for dried blueberries, raisins or even dates. The serrano ham can be easily replaced with prosciutto.

Portions: 20 rollups


– 2 large tortillas
– 60g dried cranberries
– 200g cream cheese at room temperatura (take it out from the fridge 4 hours before making it or put it on unfreeze mode in the microwave for 1min)
– 80g serrano ham
– 10g basil leaves


1. MIX, CUT AND SPREAD. Cut the cortilla into a square; try to waste as little as possible from the sides. Mix the cream cheese with chopped up dried cranberries and spread it on the tortilla. It should be 1/2 the mix, not a really thick layer because it’s not very nice to have a large amount of cream cheese in your mouth, and not so little that the basil and prosciutto drowns its flavour.

2. BASIL. Now we put the basil leaves on top traying not to leave any space unnatended and also trying not to overlap them as much as possible.

3. SERRANO HAM. We finish with the serrano ham and I like to take off any large parts of fat as it’s difficult to cut with the knife to make the rollups and your teeth aren’t too good at it either. It’s important that you respect the order because the cream cheese and the prosciutto are sticky, and so they help us keep the roll in place.4. ROLL IT UP. We roll it really tightly and then it goes into the fridge for 2 hours or freezer 30min. If you skip this step it will fall apart when you cut it. Then we cut the slices using a really sharp serrated knife and they’re done :)

I promis you will love this appetizer! Remember that if you want to see more of my recipes you can check them out at my blog Cravings Journal.

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