Coming Clean

June 26, 2017 9:13 pm

Yesterday I uploaded a pic on Instagram with Jaime telling you guys about new changes and plans coming up in my life that have me pretty excited. Everything else joined in the commotion and imagined a LOT of different things. I am here to put those rumors to sleep and set the record straight #KeepinItReal.


Rumour #1: I’m Getting Married
I knew this was gonna be the first thing that was gonna come to mind, so I even wrote a disclaimer on the description. Not that it helped that much, it appears… No, my darlings. I’m not getting married (yet). And if I was… Jaime, where’s the rock! haha it will come, and you guys will know, trust me.

Rumour #2: I’m Pregnant
I didn’t see this one coming, or I would have made a disclaimer too. I am officially announcing that I don’t have a bun in the oven. This sexy latin bod is maintaining its curves intact for the moment. Although being preggers would be the perfect excuse to explain why I had been eating so much sugar these past days, unfortunately it is not the case.

Rumour #3: We Are Moving In Together
¡DING DING DING! Tenemos un ganador. Así es, este es efectivamente el rumor que acertó. Jaime y yo estamos buscando departamentos para comprar y mudarnos juntos. Pasando a otra etapa de mi vida. Me siento tan grande. Tanta independencia emociona, peor a la vez me asusta. Viene con muchas responsabilidades, pero es parte de crecer. ¡No puedo esperar a ver lo que me depara este próximo capítulo!

Ph. Santiago García Arrué

Sweatshirt LA MATIER
Karl Lagerfeld Charm FENDI via MEOW SHOP

Have you ever moved on your own? Any tips are very welcome. If you are yet to experiencia something like this, I’ve got a tip for you. Take advantage of every minute because as amazing as independence is, life in family makes you feel protected. Life goes by fast. Hope you likes the post and look, baes. Love you and until next time!


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