Bullet Journal: The New Way To Organize Yourself

September 11, 2017 8:18 am

What is a Bullet Journal?
The Bullet Journal is an organization system created by Ryder Caroll. To begin journaling you only need a blank copybook, a pen and tons of creativity!
 The amazing thing about this system is that it allows you to customize it your way, you become author, creator and owner of every little thing included in the journal.
How to begin?
Step 1.  Number the pages

Step 2. The Key

Create your own key with symbols for each task:

  • Closed period ( . )  for Simple Tasks
  • Empty circle  (o) for Events
  • Short line (-) for Important Notes
  • Arrow (->) To change Events from one day to another
  • X to mark down completed tasks
  • A small star (*) if it’s something important that you want to highlight
Step 3.  The index
Allows you to save time by helping you find the information you’re looking for faster. Don’t forget that everytime that you create a new section or  list you have to add it to the Index.
Step 4. Create the sections
           I.  The Yearly Log
Pick 4 blank pages for the Yearly Log. The ideal way is to have 3 months per page. Each will have a creative title as well as a custom design. This can be either an specific type of font or any doodle you like. The choice is yours!
                 II. The Monthly Log
Now that you have created the Yearly Log, you can turn to the next page and start with the Monthly Log. Write the name of the current month and then make a calendar by making columns with all the days of the month. Don’t forget to add the first letter of each day on top of each column (M, T, W, T, F ,S, S) . This calendar is useful for highlighting any special upcoming event or task.
             III. The Daily Log
Turn to the next page and write today’s date. Make a list of all your pending tasks. You can organize yourself  using the symbols from the key that you created before. This can be events, tasks, important notes,etc. Thanks to the key you’ll be able to find these faster.  ;)
Now that you have the Key, Index and Logs, you can begin journaling. But don’t forget that there is no special way of writing a Bullet Journal, you can always follow your own rules, this are just tips!
So what are you waiting for to start journaling?

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