Are We People Like Plants?

March 29, 2017 9:51 am

My name is Erika, I am a psychologist, co-author of Cultivating Health (Cultivando Salud) and from this moment, I will be writing here, in the space of DOLCE PLACARD, together with my colleague and great friend Maricarmen (you will know about her in the next post) This space aims to provide information, data and tips to achieve a well-being integrated into our lives. The idea is to start seeing us as a whole; balance and give importance to both the emotional side and the physical side.

Ph. Cristopher Ryan

To get into what you find in these posts, let’s make an analogy and think of a person as a plant, they are cute, right? That’s nice, we see; the petals, the colors, the stalk, its smell and everything that turns it into a cute detail, would come to be the physical part of a person, but how to achieve such a beautiful plant? One does not get a wonderful flower just by looking after its petals … for that it is necessary, and for a long time, to have the plant submerged in soil, in fertilizer and to irrigate it regularly.

Ph. Pinterest

The fertilizer is not at all the best part of a crop, on the contrary, it is the most “ugly” and tedious part, then, let’s think that the fertilizer is all the experiences we go through, all the learning, the falls … and Is that all these things are also tedious and ugly, but do you know anything? Without everything that has happened to you, you could not be who you are today, that flower that everyone is dying to decorate your room.

Ph. Dylan Glynn

Here we will grow together until it blossoms! Until a next post.

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