Founder, editor and creative directos leading DOLCE PLACARD. She started the blog as a hobby, contemplating it as an open diary experiment, sharing her interests, looks and life. Today it has transformed into a world renown digital magazine.

Diana Ibarra Rake, or “Didi” as lovingly nicknamed by her followers and friends, is ambassador for big brands, collaborated with world renown designers, seated first row in major international runways and fashion weeks like New York, Paris and Madrid. As of right now she is involved in various projects in the fashion and communications industry, it will be interesting to see what other big things are to come. Diana ir ready to knock out every curve that is thrown her way with her hips that don’t lie and vibrant hoy that characterizes her.



Diana starts to upload her looks on social media

Diana becomes popular on Lookbook

Diana launches Dolce Placard as her personal style blog with lifestyle and fashion tips



Diana is announced ad Lima Fashion Week Official Blogger

Diana resigns from her job at the architecture form ad dedicates fully to Dolce Placard

Diana gains popularity ad a blogger featuring on Vogue, TV shows and other media



Diana colors her hair with her today very characteristic pink

Diana is invited to NY Fashion Week as a Cosas correspondent, interviewing big names in fashion

Diana announced as ambassador for Reebok



Diana is referred as one of the top influencers in Perú

Diana is named as Sedal latin-american ambassador

Paris Fashion Week



Diana gains popularity on YouTube

Diana is selected by Samsung and Cosas as one of Perú’s top influencers

The Keys to a Japanese Street Style


“Why be perfect when I can be authentic” -Diana Ibarra Rake