9 Online Clothing Stores You Will Love!

April 17, 2018 10:21 am

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We are millennials and one of our best allies is obviously the Internet but even though we used it for literally everything sometimes we don’t know it can be useful for other things like. Clothing! Did you think I was going to say something deep? Maybe. But, haven’t you seen some pretty clothes online that you don’t find in the stores? Me? Almost always. And because I know some of you have gone through the same. I’ll leave you with these worldwide online shipping stores. So you can ask for whatever you want! They accept Paypal, Visa, Master Card and more.


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Let’s get this started! (This is not a priority list) An advice, if the prices seem to be pretty expensive, join your friend and share the shipping! 


Ph. Asos

The most popular British retailer. They have brands like New Look, Monki, Cheap Monday, Pull&Bear, Vans, Adidas and more, including their own brand. Asos has a long trajectory and also has personalized clothing lines following your body shape and size. You can find from petite to Plus Size or Tall. Want to hear more good news? They have men and children section! The shipping cost is 30 for what you want to buy.

Doubts? Write them here or by chat live chat.



Ph. NastyGal

If you haven’t seen GirlBoss you probably don’t know this brand. The founder Sophia Amoruso started selling second-hand clothing for prices that you can ask how! she gained so many costumers, years later she decided to have her own online shop called  Nasty Gal. The good news, you can ask for anything and everything would be in the front of your door. The shipping cost is 10 USD.

Not clear? Write them here.



Ph. UrbanOutfitters

Maybe one of the most popular clothing stores in the USA. You can also find shoes and accessories. It can be a little pricey but they have in what to invest. They count on a men section. You can check the shipping info here and the countries they ship to here. The prices are about 30 USD to 60 USD it depends on what do you prefer.

Write them here




Ph. Lulus

Lulu’s goes for a sweet and daring woman with a bohemian and feminine style. They have pretty dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, skirts, and shoes. The shipping cost is free for orders over 150 USD, but if you don’t make it, no worries! they have different options for you.

Chat with them or write them here.



Ph. Youtube

This South Korean brand is becoming more popular. They even have a store in the USA now! Style Nanda has pretty classy and trendy clothes for every style. They also have their own makeup brand. The shipping cost depends on weight, but if you have questions, here’s some help.

KO : nanda@stylenanda.com

EN : help01@stylenanda.com



Ph. Google

A British online store who has created it’s own good reputation because of their collabs with Disney, Looney Tunes, Hello Kitty and more.  Lazy Oaf is for daring stylish people. Their designs are pretty cool and creative. The shipping cost is calculated by weight. You can check more here.

Write them here.


Although I’ve received mixed reviews about these following stores. I’m including them here, because they do ship internationally (I guess they are all siblings).



Ph. SheIn

The most popular Chinese clothing brand. The quality of their products varies depending on the price. The shipping is free over 50 USD otherwise it costs15 USD. You can chat with them on their website.



Ph. Romwe

Romwe has a great amount of clothing, a sweet and casual style. Likewise SheIn, the prices define the quality. The shipping cost is free over 60 USD otherwise 19 USD. You can also chat with them.



Ph. Zaful

Zaful has a youthful style. They count on men’s section and plus size clothing. The shipping is free for orders over 30 USD otherwise 7 USD. Here’s a link so you can ask for help.


These were some online stores that make worldwide shipping and don’t just look up for women sections the men’s section also have good things to offer.

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If you have questions about the service they use or the return policies. Don’t doubt and write them an email. In the majority of the cases, they have a great customer service.

-Bisous, Ki



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