7 Reasons Why Reading Is Awesome

October 19, 2017 8:30 am

Reading is one of the best hobbies out there and this is a fact: it’s relaxing, it helps your mind rest, and it’s fun to do it… However, not everybody is appreciative of this really cool activity and they tend to leave it aside, prioritizing other chores that they consider more relevant. This isn’t wrong, but people need to learn how to truly value the amazing literary world that is so easily within our reach and that is why today I’m going to share with you 7 reasons why reading is awesome.

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1. It boosts your creativity

Many times, when we read, we are introduced to fictional worlds, or to situations we have never been in. It is in these moments when the wheels in our brains start turning and try to fathom how what we have on paper would translate into reality. This action of imagining serves for practice and makes us readers more creative.

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2. It disconnects you from the world

In order to truly appreciate a book, we have to give it our full attention. This allows us to unplug from whatever may be going on in our lives, no matter how stressful. I think we all need to find a place where we can escape to sometimes and books provide it for us.

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3. It allows you to make new friends

I don’t know about you, but every time I finish a book I feel the need to talk about it with someone and most of my friends aren’t the most avid readers, so discussing books has helped me develop new friendships and have some really interesting debates on what we read.

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4. Entertainment everywhere!

In order to read you don’t need wifi, books aren’t this really heavy or fragile thing you can only keep in a certain place, and they don’t require plugging in or battery life in order to function. So books are perfect to take anywhere and everywhere and entertain you when you need it.

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5. It keeps us informed

Reading doesn’t just mean books. It is also important to read the news and to get informed about what’s happening in the world we live in. That is why another reason why reading is awesome is that it allows us to be aware of the events of today.

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6. Improves your memory

The brain is a muscle and, by reading, we keep it exercised. When you make a habit out of reading your memory is forced (to put in terms) to improve itself and work with more capacity each time in order to remember the new stories we acquire.

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7. It helps us connect with the world

I know, it seems like I’m contradicting myself regarding the second point, but it’s true. Reading sharpens our empathy since it provides us endless points of view for tons of different situations and this teaches us lessons about the world and certain people in particular that we would never have learned otherwise. By doing this, reading helps us put ourselves in other people’s shoes and feel more connected with those surrounding us.


You see? Reading is awesome and every single one of these reasons proves it. I sincerely hope that this article helped inspire you to take (or retake) this habit that is so important for our integrity as human beings, and that we should all put in practice.


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