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5 Easy Changes I Made When My S.O. Moved In

April 28, 2022 5:11 am

When you are living alone for some time, you get used to a certain lifestyle which is very difficult to change all at once. This doesn’t mean that we “loners” are incapable of coordinating with other persons, just that we need time to learn and adjust. When my boyfriend moved in, the emotional changes came quickly and simply – I was happy. As for the organizational changes, they required patience and compromises. Everything from grocery shopping to home decor had to be customized for our cohabitation, in a way that doesn’t bother either one of us. Here are five easy changes I had to make when my single apartment became a home for two. You can reach us via the contact form or map of river spirit casino tulsa directly via phone or Skype: Or, visit our contact us page.

Getting Rid of the “Girly Girl” Things

Luckily, I didn’t have a lot of these, but when you think about it, all of the stuff that are gender-specific can only work if combined with his gender-specific accessories – and that is the clear path to décor chaos. The joined life is actually the entryway to adulthood, so there is no reason to keep things that seem rather teenager-like. Grownups have apartments with subtle décor motifs and a coherent idea. We had a deal to create a neutral space, where we will later include our must-haves. We both had a veto power we could use twice in the process.

Investing in New Furniture Pieces

Buying new furniture for the entire place was out of the question, but we had to make some updates just to make our new life easier. Sleeping, for instance, would be quite exhausting if we used my single bed, and for him to sleep on a sofa while I’m on the bed is kind of crazy. So, we invested in a good double bed. We opted for the most affordable type of bed frame, while we splurged on the mattress. A sectional sofa for our lazy movie nights was another neat update.

Smart Remodeling

The question of whether we will stay in my place or look for a new one for the both of us could only be resolved with smart remodeling or moving. Luckily, we decided for remodeling, since I adore my home. Our decision to hire the best electrician in Brisbane to do some quick adjustments proved to be wise. Also, some small changes, such as tearing down the kitchen wall and making an open floor concept, installing an extra sink in the bathroom, additional storage space, and wiser furniture arrangement, really made the space look bigger. 

Moderate Personalization

When redesigning my place, we did try to make everything gender-neutral enough, but that didn’t mean that we had to create a completely sterilized and depersonalized space. Family photos on the mantel? Sure, if we both want them, but no if, for instance, I display photos of my parents, and he doesn’t display his. Bookshelves with both of our books displayed were the logical compromise. 

Different Budgeting and Cleaning Schedules 

The agreement of who’s doing what when and who’s paying for stuff was much easier than you might think. As for the grocery shopping and some home updates, we agreed to make an initial budget together for those things, and that each of us goes shopping once a week. Different dietary habits were our motivation to make a shopping list full of compromises. The cleaning part was much easier – we divided the place in sections (section one was the kitchen and living room, section two the bathroom and the bedroom, etc.) and switched sections each time, but there are different ways to organize the cleaning schedule – whatever works for you. You wouldn’t believe how cleaning together can be fun.

Starting a new life together was complicated at first, but once all the bumps on the road were behind, I saw how my life got better. Love was, of course, the initial drive for this step, but it was the functionality and the proper organization that made it successful.

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