5 Books to Give on Christmas

December 13, 2017 10:10 am

Christmas is coming up and if you have someone who loves reading in your life, then you know what the perfect gift for them is: Books! Of course, there are tons of different books and a lot of people don’t know how to select the perfect book to give to that special person, so here are 5 types of book that would make a great Christmas present.

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1. A recent book

This has been a great year for new books. There have been a ton of new very high-quality-releases with great depth and what better way to show someone you appreciate them than sharing one of these with them?

I specially recommend the book Turtles All The Way Down by John Green. This great author never disappoints with his narrative and this new book is not the exception.

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2. A Thriller

If you don’t know the particular style of book that person enjoys reading, a genre you can never go wrong with is Suspense/Thriller. The stories are built with such precision and detail that they make sure to catch your attention from the very first pages. That’s why I consider this one of the best genres to give away.

My suggestion is Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. You may recognize the author’s name, since she is the very talented writer who wrote the gripping thriller, Gone Girl.

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3. A Classic

Classics are a great gift, specially for more advanced readers. Aside from the beautiful and incredibly elegant covers, the stories tell us more than what is simply written on the pages: they tell us about the context that particular book was created in and they transport us to a completely different world.

A very interesting book that lies in this category is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This classic has been adapted for the screens multiple times, but reading it is a completely different experience and it’s totally worth it.

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4. A soon-to-be movie

If you choose to give away a book that will soon be a movie, that gift becomes a thousand times more special. This detail fills the book with excitement, aside from creating a special bond between you and that person, since you can go watch that movie together.

Out of the trillions of books that will be adapted into movies next year, I recommend Let It Snow by Lauren Myracle, John Green and Maureen Johnson, which fits perfectly into the Christmas atmosphere due to the fact that it takes place during this holiday.

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5. A Saga

Sagas are amazing and they’re the perfect gift for avid readers. It means that your reading list has grown not only by one book, but by two or three, which is really exciting for book worms.

My recommendation in this category is The Mortal Instruments Saga by Cassandra Clare. These books are incredibly entertaining and easy to read, which makes them the perfect gift.

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There aren’t many gifts in the world as personal and/or meaningful as a book or a collection of these. So now you know what to do if you know someone who is really passionate about reading: you can take this list as inspiration and go look for the perfect present for your friends and family.


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