4 Simple Tips to Eating Healthier

April 21, 2017 8:30 am

Hello! I am Melissa and from now on I will accompany you on Dolce Placard writing about nutrition and mindfulness. I believe a good diet and a healthy mind are the bases to be happy. I hope you like my posts and they help you to have a healthy lifestyle! <3

Here are some simple ways to stay healthy.

  1. Plan your menu of the week

Make a meal plan from Monday to Saturday where you include that you are going to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will help you make the specific purchases for your plan so you will have only what is necessary and you will not spend more on food that ends up rotten. On the other hand you have already organized what you are going to eat so you won’t waste time thinking about what to prepare also you will not be tempted to ask for a fast food delivery.

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  1. Maintain your kitchen only with healthy things

When we go to buy food we find many things that tempt us especially when we find what we like on offer. Do not buy it! If you buy it every time you pass through your kitchen you will be tempted to eat it. You should keep your kitchen with only healthy things and you will ensure that 80% of the time you eat healthy. Leave that 20% free for when you go out with friends or with your boyfriend.

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  1. Disappear the unhealthy

If you want to start to live a healthier life you have to make some sacrifices or “gifts”. You can give away the chocolates, candies or gummies that you have saved, your friends will thank you. I also advise you to replace a few foods. White sugar exchanges for honey or stevia, white rice for brown rice and white bread for whole wheat bread.


  1. Prepare bases and freeze them

Bases are foods like quinoa, beans, and brown rice. You can prepare these in large portions and freeze them. So there is no excuse to prepare your lunch or lunch box. Simply choose a base, add the vegetables you have in the fridge (raw or cooked) and then if you want add chicken, tuna, fish or meat and you are ready to go!

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