August 23, 2019 11:39 am

If I thought of somewhere to transport myself in this cold weather in
Lima, it would undoubtedly be Aruba, a small island in the Dutch
Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela. Yes, here in South America!
Since I had the opportunity to meet it in December, it has become one of
my favorite destinations this year. I’m telling you… I’ve gone twice this year alone! I just love it, it’s wonderful.

Ph. Dolce Placard

A few days ago, Claudia Cardenas, representative of the Aruba tourism authority for Peru and Chile, was in Peru. Together we could talk about how tourism by South America, especially Peru, has increased greatly in recent years (the number of travelers from Peru to Aruba has more than doubled compared to 2015!). Claudia believes that this is thanks to the wide dissemination that the island is having through social networks, visits by influencers, journalists who have gone to make notes of this heavenly destination and super mega delicious. In addition, in recent years they have focused on promotion together with large tourism agencies and with strong and important campaigns such as #HeSaidYes. Do you know which one I mean, don’t you? If not, you have to watch this video NOW.

Video. Aruba Tourism

The most incredible thing is that they have achieved that advertising and promotion range from the “traditional” traveler who goes to a travel agency and plans the next destination, until the one that travels independently and plans the journey alone.

Ph. Caradonna Adventures

A very important plus of this island is the wonderful summer weather it has all year, yes, SUN ALL THE YEAR! Very few rains and warm winds that make the environment super cool and you can do different outdoor activities. In addition, they care a lot about the safety of the island so the tourist can enjoy calm and carefree. Also, Aruba accommodates to the experience you want to create: the island is the perfect destination for a family trip or a romantic getaway as a couple; but also for a bachelor party or a friends’ trip.

Ph. Dolce Placard

If you are the type of person who cares about food during holidays, Aruba has restaurants of all kinds of food and from different countries, so you can take advantage and try international food without visiting all the countries in the world! In addition, all the staff speaks Spanish and English, apart from the native languages ​​that are the Papiamento and Dutch, so if you have any questions or queries anyone will be willing and prepared to help you.

Ph. Getting on Travel

As I told you, I’ve completely FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ARUBA. If you would like to explore it, Claudia and I have made a little list of our 3 safety pins on the island, they will make you feel on another planet!

It is considered the third most beautiful beach in the world. It has white sand, turquoise sea, transparent, the swell is low so you can do water sports or just enjoy this beautiful place.

Ph. Intriper

The capital of Aruba, there you can find the shopping centers and city life. It has Dutch architecture, so you will feel in Holland without having left the continent. Wonderful!

Ph. Buenos Puertos

It’s at the north end. The view you’ll have being there is incredible, you can look at both sides of the island and each one is different, and most important, it is a very good point to take super cute photos.

Ph. Aruba

Aruba has a promising future in the following years, tourism seems to continue increasing due to the incredible destination it is, so don’t wait any longer to get to know this place, where new things are being discovered every day and you will have an amazing time. No matter how many times you go, you are already thinking of what you will do the next time you come back, because I assure you that you also NEED ARUBA.


If you’d like more info on Aruba you can check out their official page here.

Written by: Fernanda Cabrera/ Diana Ibarra

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