2019 Fashion Must Haves

January 5, 2019 4:15 am

Photo by Alicia Petresc on Unsplash

Even though we have our astrologists and some of you might be using their services every beginning of a new year, it’s very difficult to predict the future. However, as far as fashion is concerned, this endeavor is slightly easier. We always follow the latest trends, read reviews of different Fashion Weeks and fantasize about owning everything Rihanna or Meghan Markle wear in the streets. So, 2019 is just a step away, and what are the most popular trends that we need to be on the lookout for? More importantly, what are the pieces of clothing that we need to have in our closets in 2019? You need no astrologists to tell you this!

Ruffle up baby

Just like we’ve seen on many Fashion Weeks in 2018, the ruffles are here yet again, which means that this trend is here to stay in 2019. This is mostly thanks to Marc Jacobs, whose spring 2019 collection witnesses some of the most amazing gigantic sorbet-color ruffles. This is an ideal reason for you to wear ruffles next time you’re up for a big event such as a wedding or a celebration of any kind. Instead of showing too much skin, you can make your entrance with the help of these gigantic ruffles – it’s very original, extremely fashionable and totally worthy!

Yay for ugly sandals

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Sometimes it may seem that we’ve going quite far, choosing ugly garments to rock in the streets. However, sometimes ugly becomes extremely fashionable, and even though we still cannot get rid of those ugly dad shoes that many still wear outside, 2019 has ugly sandals in store for us (which is basically a great way to perhaps avoid evolving the trend of ugly sneakers). In case you want a pair of these, make sure to get the Paco Rabanne platform flip-flops – they are very unique and it’s impossible not to be noticed.

Jeans are always in

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

The “blue jeans, white shirt” from Lana Del Rey’s song is definitely a combination that will never, ever die out – it’s been popular since the ‘50s, so who are we to say that it’s not fashionable anymore? This means that apart from having a plain white tee in your closet, you need to invest in good jeans. And in order to spice it up a bit, you can get many kinds of jeans – the very popular boyfriend jeans by Mavi can also come in handy as they always look quite cool and can be matched with the rest of the outfit in a great way. You can also opt for skinny jeans if you want to emphasize your legs – why not?

Everything unisex

Photo by Josh Edgoose on Unsplash

Is there a reason to still separate clothes for men and women? Probably not, which means this is a great way to save money if you live with your boyfriend or your husband. Having pieces of clothing that both sexes can wear will definitely be a huge trend in 2019 – so you can start with the jumpers, tees or shirts; or anything Louis Vuitton as this brand really does not define by gender. Choose something butch-ish, combine it with florals and you will get an extremely fashionable look for 2019!

The year is 2002

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

If you love a certain trend and it dies out, don’t worry, as it will probably come back again – that much is certain in fashion. After successfully revamping the looks of ‘60s-‘90s, the next decade that we want to incorporate in our wardrobe is that of the 2000s. Yes, many of you will say that it was the worst decade fashion-wise, but wait a second – don’t low-rise pants and bandana tops look great again? Definitely yes, so make sure that you get yourself an item or two to pay tribute to the 2000s. A site designed to provide a safe, trustworthy, and trustworthy gaming experience. casinodulacleamy.com

Sport never dies

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

2017 and 2018 were special in a way – athleisure became one of the most prominent fashion trends. For all of you who still don’t know what athleisure is (were you living under a rock?) – it’s a combination of somewhat formal clothing and athletic garments. Want to hit the gym and still go out and have a cup of coffee? Then this is the trend that you’re looking for. In case you want to excel at this trend, you need to choose brands that produce high-quality items, such as Adidas, Nike, or Champion (which made its own comeback).

What are the 2019 fashion must-haves? Anything that falls into one of these six categories! Make sure to choose wisely, and you can also use this time to ask your loved one to gift that one item you want so much for Christmas, New Year or even Valentine’s Day!


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