2018 Street Style Trends Predictions

February 8, 2018 11:15 am

Ph. Style Caster

There are many style predictions that just didn’t manage to happen, despite being very much hyped. We all remember the alleged comeback of bell-bottoms from the early years of the 2010’s, only to eventually happen (for just a bit) in 2017. Hence, it is very difficult to say what the definite trends in the year to come will be, but we can definitely try and predict at least some of them. Since we embarked on the new year – meaning new resolutions (some of them hopefully connected to style), let’s take a look at the top five possible, and very probable, trends of 2018:

Pop Art Bottoms

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

2018 is the year for you if your wish was to have a comic book printed out on your bottoms. Not only comic books, that is – if you wanted to have Andy Warhol’s or Van Gogh’s pieces of art on your thighs, this is your year as well. Versace and Prada have already started making this trend happen, so anything you wanted printed out on your bottoms (or blazers), go for it. 2018 will also feature a plethora of colourful patterns and designs, as well as classic pieces of art. So, is a pair of Mona Lisa leather pants the next must-have?

Leather Combos

Ph. Glamour

We saw many examples of matching pieces of clothing, most of which were patterned. So, if you were seen wearing a pair of trousers and a blazer of the same shade or the same pattern, you were probably regarded as a fashion guru. 2018 is going to go the same way, but it’s going to spice it up a bit by making leather combinations an absolute hit. The next time you see leather pants paired with a leather blazer of the same colour or shade, whip that credit card out and put those babies in your wardrobe as you will be wearing them multiple times.

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

Photo by Mahrael Boutros on Unsplash

Not sure if this section should have been titled “prison chic” or “stripes, stripes, stripes”, but they are definitely back, in the black and white (thus kind of channelling the old school prison look). Carolina Herrera has already made this combo a thing by designing several striped dresses, but she is definitely not the only one, as the Fashion Weeks featured many such dresses in all possible colours.  However, it is not a must to own a striped dress – you can also pay respect to this trend by getting yourself a striped blazer or t-shirt and make your otherwise minimalistic combination a bit more interesting.


Futuristic Eyewear

Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash

As far as eyewear is concerned, well, things will be a bit more futuristic in 2018. Even though the present is not the way some earlier generations thought it would be (flying cars, teleportation devices and such), they perhaps got some fashion predictions right, and 2018 will prove this in the form of eyewear. This year will be the year of some of the most beautiful Quay sunglasses of the decade – starting from oversized ones, to ones with reflective glasses, triangle-shaped ones, even visors. If you have any doubts, take a look at the latest Max Mara, Dior and Celine catalogues, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Logo Tees

Photo by Yaroslav Blokhin on Unsplash

Wearing a t-shirt with a logo of a certain brand is definitely not a fashion style trend, as it has been here since forever. However, 2018 is looking to breathe new life into wearing logo t-shirts by styling them up. For example, pair your best jeans with a Pepsi or 7up logo t-shirt and accessorize it with a leather jacket on top and you have yourself the outfit of the day. Take any retro brand merchandise t-shirt and make it into an artsy fashion combination.


To sum up, even though it might be difficult to tell with certainty what the next big styles will be, these five are definitely on their way here. Follow any of these fashion tips and your outfit will be a sight for sore eyes!

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