When Spring May Come

October 30, 2017 7:35 am

In theory spring comes in September, but here in Lima it comes a little late #typical. Actually September 23rd doesn’t mark the official start of spring for me, you wanna know what does? The day I take out the bags with the summer clothes from storage and begin to let them breathe (Lima is very humid and I’m very allergic, don’t judge me).

Those days are upon us, my friends. My (and my mom’s) summers dresses, shirts, bikinis and more are out and about, meaning it is time to officially welcome spring. Don’t get me wrong, the weather here is still coocoo, but that allows for us to have fun mix and matching different seasonal pieces. I am about to leave for Dubai this thursday #OhYeaaah. Man, I know… Dubai. That is crazy! Get ready for a lot of posts regarding this amazing city.

Ph. Santiago García Arrué

Sunnies DIOR via Ópticas Illusion

Have any of you guys been to Dubai? I am DYIIING to go. If you’ve got tips, they are very welcome. Let me know if you wanna see some videos on the YouTube channel. Big kisses and stay tuned for more :).


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