What is Mindful Eating?

June 13, 2017 10:30 pm

Hello! Today I would talk about a way of eating that will help you a lot! I always listen to people comment what and how much we should eat, but HOW to eat is also very important.

Sometimes when we are eating we finish our meal without even realizing when this happened. We ate so fast and distracted that we are still hungry.  Eating is now so automatic that we do not even notice what we eat. Most of the time when having lunch or dinner we pay more attention to our cell phone or TV than to our food.

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Making mindful eating helps you process and digest your food better. The food tastes better and you really start enjoying what you are eating. Being present when eating helps you feel satisfied faster so you don’t eat more than you need.

How to do mindful eating? Try these three ways:


Take time to look at your food, the diversity of colors and shapes, feel the smell and once you start eating, feel the textures and notice the feelings that each food brings.

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This is the one I always do. Once you have the plate on the table, look at your food and think of where it comes from. Everything that happened so that it can be at your table. Think of the number of beings that intervened. Every food on your table comes with a story. Appreciate and be grateful.

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Respect the moment you are feeding your body. This are the nutrients your body needs to be healthy and able to fulfill all its functions. Keep your cell phone away, turn off the TV and enjoy this moment.

I know there are times that doing all this can be complicated but I promise you that doing one of them makes a difference. You can start with one and then add the others. I hope you liked it! It has helped me a lot to eat like this!

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